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Why is the human head so small compared to the body?

I know there re some people who have big heads, but usually we humans have thighs, torsos and legs substantially bigger than our heads, which compared to those of other animals are quite unimpressive...See the huge head of a lion, for example, or even some dogs have pretty big heads, much bigger than humans

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    A big brain gobbles up energy. Your brain is 2 percent of your body’s weight but uses 20 percent of your oxygen supply and gets 20 percent of your blood flow. Large brains mean large heads, making childbirth more difficult and painful for human mothers than for other primates.

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    I wear a 7.875 hat ( seven and seven eights )

  • Tom
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    5 months ago

    Human heads ARE the biggest compared to the rest of the body. Lion and Dog heads may be big but not in comparison to their bodies.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    No, they don't. Other animal heads aren't any larger in relation to their bodies than humans--in fact, they're smaller.

    Lion heads are covered in long hair. They don't have large heads--they have LOTS OF HAIR.

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  • Ray
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    5 months ago

    We actually have relatively large heads, the only thing which is small is our jaw, like in all primates.

  • MARK
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    5 months ago

    Our head is not small compared to our body. Looking externally is not the best way to compare heads. To do that you need to compare skulls. For example, the head of a male adult lion looks very impressive because of his mane. His skull is not as big as his head looks.

    When mammals are born they have to pass down the birth canal and if the head is too large this cannot happen. The neonate gets stuck, will die, and there is a good chance the mother will die too. So, it is the skull size that matters as basically as the neonate's head is squeezed through the birth canal this is the only part with no give in it.

  • Dixon
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    5 months ago

    The human head isn't small for a comparably sized mammal.

    Without all the fluff n stuff a lion skull is much smaller than appears at first glance.

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    To fit through the birth canal at birth.

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