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My dog is very rude and barks at random people. How do I correct him?

My dog is a male stray dog and he is 1.6 years old. He is very rude and grumpy, that's very disappointing for me. When I wake and disturb him when he sleeps, he growls like an idiot. Whenever he sees a poor kid or a normal person, he starts barking aggressively. I feel ashamed when he barks. I can't think what should I do with him. He is so uncomfortable around strangers that he tends to bark at them.

Because of my dog I have a poor reputation among my neighbours. They hate me and my family because of our dog. ( I'm an Indian from India)

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    You took almost 1.6 years to realize that you need to socialize your dog so he doesn’t flip out and go nuts when he sees people? After all this time it’s starting to annoy you and you feel so “ashamed” now. Why? What made the big change over last year, why is it so important that he needs to stop acting like a dog and needs to be more like a stuffed animal to please you.

    Dogs drool, growl, bark, howl and make a various combination of noises being dogs. Ever hear of “Let a sleeping dog lie”. It means if you go up to the dog and touch him, wake him he may growl and can bite you for being disturbed. Unless you have a special close bond with your dog they usually don’t like being bothered when you wake them up but they shouldn’t be growling at their owners either.

    As for his rude behavior, you have allowed and sanctioned it the whole time you’ve had him, if you want to have him change it will be a lot of work, a lot of training ad you will have to work on socialization as well as aggression issues. Bluebonnetgranny posted the sites where you should check or at least what to search for.

    Good luck but your going to need a lot of patience and understanding because you changed your mind you cannot expect your dog to read it.

    Btw the dogs behavior has nothing to do with your nationality, nor does the neighbors opinion if you, it has to do with you being an uninformed dog owner that never took the time to train their dog properly. They are shaking their heads because thapey can not understand why anyone would get a dog yet not take the time to properly socialize it nor train it yet alone be okay with the dog lunging at strangers. Dogs normally run the fence and may bark at occasional strangers but one that charges the fence and appears a dangerous threat towards the neighbors it sees all the time is taken as a threat in case he ever got out and they are right to be afraid of a dog that may be vicious, he has not proven otherwise to people.

    My dogs will run the fence and bark at strangers. Any postmen they don’t know get a barking frenzy, but they know they are not to jump at, nip at or charge at the post s, they have been trained to leave a personal bubble unless he or she calls them up to say hi.

    Strangers are barked at but no teeth, no spitting and barking/biting frenzy, maybe an occasional growl but it’s been a long time since any have. Mostly they watch to see if people are going to the barn or coming to the house. They mob each other getting in the back door to come inside to go meet the stranger inside the house sitting calmly and quietly until introduced. It took some training and loads of patience because a dogs natural instinct is to chase down, hunt and warn.

    Do the search on the internet and see what you an find and then you will need to start the training. Remember when training to keep the sessions short but frequent. Your dog will learn more and faster in short 15 minute or so sessions than an hour or two. If your walking him while training that’s the only exception, then he’s also getting his exercise and it’s not as boring to him. Also make sure he gets at least an hour of hard exercise a day, a tired dog is a happier dog, the larger the breed the more they need usually.

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    You train the dog simply

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    Have the dog put down since you clearly don't know how to train it and its human agressive and will end up attacking someone

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    No, he is not being rude. He is doing what dogs do. I encourage my dogs to bark & run the front fence line like junk yard dogs. They bark at anything on the street that is not normal. They are my alert dogs & with them running the front fence line makes any one out there thing 9 time before entering my yard.

    Do not be ashamed, dogs bark, they don't moo nay meow or cackle, the bark is the sound of a dog. & dogs bark.

    For the aggression, you need to get online & do a ton of research on how to stop the aggression. Very easy to correct when you know how.

    "Stop dog from biting"

    "working with an aggressive dog'

    "tame the aggressive dog

    "stop canine aggression'

    Your dog is alerting you to a possible intruder.

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    Get it put down before it seriously attacks someone including yourself.

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