Which is more likely to happen (again) in the Premier League, a team going entire season undefeated (invincibles) or a team which ?

goes 38 games in the league and puts 100 or more points on the board (Centurions) ?

I guess this is similar to the question I may have posted before, which is easier - Winning the Prem as Invincibles or as Centurions ?

Also which is of 'higher prestige' ? Invincibles of 2003-04 or the Centurions of 2017-18 ?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago
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    Centurion is more likely, I mean Liverpool got 97 and finished second, Its not easy but Not losing a single game is even harder.

    To get to 100, you can only drop 14 points, which means you can only lose 4 games. And draw one.

    While to be invincible, you can't lose a single game but you can draw a bunch.

    I think invincible is higher prestige as long as you win the League, if you go invincible but you get too many draws and finish second then it doesn't mean much, you didn't lose any games but you didn't win the League which in essence is a loss.

    Of course the best is Invincibles and Centurion in one season and Liverpool would have had it if only they won against City.

    • August
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      6 months agoReport

      well,you lean sometime new every day. Can they beat Norwich though ?

  • Kev
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    5 months ago

    Getting a 100 points, is easier than going through a season undefeated

  • 6 months ago

    More likely 100 points since two teams were within 3 points of a hundred this past season.

  • Ryan
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    6 months ago

    More likely to get 100 points. City could do it again next season and Liverpool weren't far off themselves. Liverpool were close to invincible but no team can do that again. Even Celtic in Scotland went unbeaten a whole season, because it's easy apparently, only to lose games the following season despite supposed to be miles ahead of the opposition.

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