I'm in the LGBTQ+ Community,, and I like this one girl. She and I are going to see a horror movie,, is there a way i can hint i like her?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Many people are bad at picking up on "hints," clues and signs. You should start by telling her you like girls and see how she reacts. You can also squeeze her hand during the scary parts of the movie. And then just not let go.

  • 6 months ago

    I'm not sure of the sincerity of this question. I'm in the LGBTQ+S community, S being straight. My brother is G, gay, and would identify himself as such, as I would assume an L or B or T and maybe Q would too. Seems like a troll to me. However, pay for her ticket and you've done enough. But if you don't know her persuasion, you need to be forthright or there will be an unhappy ending.

    • Seikura6 months agoReport

      Okay let me explain it. I want to hint out i like her while watching the horror movie. Is there any clever ways i can do that?

  • 6 months ago

    Just make sure that girl is really a girl and not a man who is mentally ill and perverted in nature!

    Trans women (who are actually men) have done sex surgery to give themselves fake breasts and a fake vagina. They also managed to hide their adam's apple through surgery and change their male voice to a female voice, they take hormone pills so their body will turn into a shape of a female body.

    Don't let a fake woman deceive you and rape you in bed cause that is what most trans women are good for, they try to hide the fact that they are trans and they refuse to let the man know they are trans so they can make use of that situation and rape him.

    They are the epitome of sexual abuse and rape and they are mentally ill, i think we all as a society need to look out for trans women and find them so we can keep them away from ourselves and our children.

    If a trans woman comes near my children i would beat her up and crush her head.

  • Matt
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    6 months ago

    Maybe compliment her during it quietly. "You'd look better in that role"......"you' re too smart to make that mistake" offer her snacks without being insistant....

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