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What do I do with feral abandon kitten and 3 died already?

2 days ago I haired kittens just outside and it was right next to my door (2 kittens in the front of the house with the mom) and haired another kittens in the back.

so I was going inside the mom got scared and jump and run to the back and I saw her with the 2 in the back so I carried the 2 in the front and put them in the back near the mother and I checked after an hour I found the kittens in the same place I left them but the mom is between them so I go to sleep, and I checked in the morning before going to work and one is outside I know the sun will kill him (it goes to 57C 135F in the noon) so I tried to move him in the Shade but his mom and the other kittens were there and the mom looking at me and the kitten so I left him so I do not scare the mom again and sure she will carry him in second I leave.

came back at 5pm and that b***h did not carry the baby and I felt like someone I know has died and looked to see her inside like nothing happens I Buried but in the night I kept hearing the kittens like there is something so I checked to find them in the front of my house again but just 2 kittens and the mom the third one die in the back so I Buried feels like sh*t and this morning the 2 kittens by there own and I went to work came back to find they still by there own and one died the other a bit strong, why did she do that and what do I do there is no shelters or vets here I do not know how to feed him or what do I feed him I put some milk for them before but did not work.

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  • 6 months ago

    will thank you all but the mom is gone and I found a way to feed the kitten with syringe gonna do that for some time,

    and i know she is the mom cuz other cats will eat the kittens I saw that happen before and i think that's why cats keep watching over there kittens 24/7 and sometimes the mom will eat the kitten.

    so yaah thank you all i'll try to take care of it.

  • martin
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    6 months ago

    It could be that the mother cat was too weak herself to carry the kittens. It could be that the mother, like human beings, was suffering from some psychiatric disorder.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Kitten may be too young to lap up milk, cow milk not good for them, sheep, camel, goat better, they are able to digest it easier. It sounds like surviving kitten needs to e outlet fed, if you cannot take care of kitten then you need to let it go and let nature take its course.

    As for the adult cat you call a witch, be aware older half siblings from earlier litters sometimes hang out with mom a year or two before moving on. He or she may not have been able to nurse the kittens, may have been watching over them to try and protect them until the mom came back. Seeing how it was over 24 hours and the cat watching them sad ot experienced enough to move the kittens I am assuming something killed momma cat and they are on their open.

    The cat you think is momma will leave once her/his last charge is gone but until that time there’s the instinct to protect the kitten even though it is not it’s own litter. I have seen this behavior many times with the real cats we have, some half sibling fro previous litters appoints itself official guardian of the kittens with moms approval and will lie with the kittens, carry them, groom them just like momma cat but they cannot produce milk especially male cats.

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