what is the registration process for shops and establishments in India?

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  • 6 months ago

    Consult an attorney in India who specializes in business formation to advise you on types of business registration in India, and which format is most appropriate for the type of business you want to establish. Factors to consider include whether you will be sole owner or have partners/investors, whether you will have any employees, where you will operate, and more.

  • 6 months ago

    All businesses in India are supposed to register under the Shops and Establishments Act with their respective authorities depending on the place of business.

    This Act is enacted basically to look into and to regulate the conditions of the work and employment such as the working hours, rest intervals, payment of wages, leave, and other activities. Each state has its own framed rules for the act and this may differ from state to state.


    • For registration, PAN cards, address proof of the directors, the partners and proprietors and information of the staff is needed to be sent in.

    • On behalf of the Regional Municipal Corporation the registration will be filed. (if you won’t be able to be present physically visit https://vakilsearch.com to avail services for easy registration of shops and establishments).

    • Within a span of a week, you will be acknowledged on the process initiation. The inspector shall call you if in any case he wants you to submit any additional documents. Once all the documents are submitted, the process will be completed and closed.

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