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How do I turn my iPhone screen completely upside down?

It’s an iPhone 6S+. It wasn’t turning at all before, until I realised it was on the zoomed setting, so I switched to standard after that. It worked, It turned the screen to landscape mode, but that’s not what I wanted to do. I wanted to turn it completely upside down, to portrait again, because I want to use the headphone jack and it’s on the bottom of the phone, when I want to have the phone resting on my lap (but facing up.. idk it’s confusing I’m on my back in my bed and my lap is down so I wanna hold my phone up. hope that makes sense.) but the headphone thing is in the way and I just wanna turn the screen upside down but it won’t work. anyone know how to do this? also anyone else think it’s kind of inconvenient having it on the bottom even though it was placed there for convenience :/

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    6 months ago

    it is up to the app to decide what orientations are allowed. you can't force it.

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