Native flowering trees in Connecticut that are attractive to bees?

What kind of native (wild) flowering trees grow in Connecticut that bees would be specifically attracted to?

I am wondering because there is a tree in my backyard (that I did not plant) which seems to attract a whole lot of bees. I noticed a lot of noise while walking around my backyard and as I approached the tree, I realized the sound was from a very large amount of bees all over it.

I’m curious what kind of tree it is, so I could potentially plant more of them. I believe it must be a native tree, since my house was built on an empty lot, and on the perimeter of my property some shrubs and trees have grown on their own in the past 18 years or so.

The tree I would guess has grown about 20ft tall in that time, and it has a pretty full look to it on top. It has some other small trees and shrubs crowding around it on the bottom, but it still seems to do well. I would say it gets pretty full sun where it is. I can’t really say what color the flowers are. I’m a little afraid to get too close to it to try and get a better look. But like it said I’m pretty certain it’s a native tree, and the bees seem to love it so id like to plant more.

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