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Do Americans prefer which: Relations with Iran OR with Israel?

Iran has support of East. It is not a real democracy. It is close to international world. And it is an enemy of Israel and those who support Israel. I also think Iranians are jealous, especially, their leaders and so made cultures of Iran so jealous and racist. Shia is so racist.

And Israel? It is Jewish and historically Christians hate Jews because are told Jews killed Jesus. Zionists - a modern judo-Christian movement support Israel, but it became weaker recently to the group who support Israel if they can gain something....

Israel advanced, but Iran is not advanced. Iran is economically corrupted, can advance but is not going to happen if corruption be still there..



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    Israel is a close ally of the USA. The government of Iran daily chants "Death to America!"

    What do you think?

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    What an Asinine question. Terrorist Iran or Peaceful Israel!

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