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How to stop dog going to the neighbors?

I have a 3 year old Labrador and she has many naughty behaviours, but one of our main problems is she always goes under our fence and to the neighbors house! She chases their horses and damages their garden and at this point the neighbors are getting angry. We live on a large block of land so our fence is too long to “patch up” it is one of those wire fences she can easily go under. I would love to let her loose as she gets bored in the backyard all day, but I just can’t

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    ● "How to stop dog going to the neighbors?"

    Choices, choices, choices, choices!

    🤢1: Rehome the Labrador & DON'T buy any other dog.

    🤯2: Erect a dog-proof barrier around an exercise area reached from the back door.

    .💲.3: Replace the unsatisfactory current fences with PROPER ones that (1) have an underground barrier that prevents dogs from digging their way out, and (2) have an inwards-leaning top at least 2 feet/60cm wide so that if the dog tries to leap over the fence it will land with its fore-arms on the edge of he top and its rear paws won't be able to reach the wire-mesh to force itself UP & over - its attempt to do so will cause it to drop backwards.

    😡4: Buy a property so large that this pooch can't reach its edges inside 2 days, so will return hungry & skinny a few days later (if not killed by a bigger predator).

    You don't have to LIKE any of the choices - but REALISM should tell you that they ARE the ONLY real choices.

    Genuine dog-rescue organisations, and RESPONSIBLE breeders, WON'T let people have one of their dogs UNLESS the fences and the accommodations for that type of dog are adequate.

    As a Labrador is "only" the 7th-most-intelligent dog breed, and you can't manage to outwit yours, forget GSDs - they are the 3rd most intelligent dog breed. As for fencing a GSD in: watch:

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    and then develop some reality.

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    if you have a wooden long fences . i would buy mediums sizes rocks stones from the garden stores or get some bricks stones and place them under or next to the fences will work will block the dog not to dig under the fences . plus you dont worried so much about having problems with your dog and your neighbors next doors . and also sometimes if you build or replaces wire fences next to wooden fences and nails the wire fences onto the top and the corners of the wood fences instead you dont need to rebulid new fences. you can pick out 100 -200 feets long wire fences rolls then you can set it up and hammer it onto the woods fences there your dog wont able to dig under other side of the fences to crawl under . plus your dog really need some fun activties hobbies like such if you or any one in the family members doesnt have any thing to do she or he can go play the game in the yard like stop by the pet store or home depot store and buy your dog some fun dogs toys like a ball and squeeky toys or chewing big bone that for dog to chew on . will keep your dog happy and healthy and keep the dog stay busy all day long. plus if you live in a farm property with other animals . you can get your dog a outdoor baby pool and fill up it with water and some colorful balls there your dog will like that alot , he or she can be playing all day during summer time . if anyone in the house hold have some free times good to take the dog out side and in the wood and take out for a long exericise such running and jogging up the hills and or threw the mountains then later on the dog will be tired after doesnt want to do anything else . stay on the property .

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    Well if you want a dead dog one day then do nothing. I'm sure you can fence off part of your property where the dog can run around and not get out. Here in the country your dog would be dead by now if it was chasing and harassing livestock.

    Either put up a fence that attaches to the house and part of the yard or rehome your dog before he ends up dead. And DON"T get another dog thinking it will resolve your problems - you will have 2 dogs at risk for being shot.

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    confine and train it

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    Build a dog run or outside kennel, keep the dog inside except on a leash, or relinquish the dog to someone who has the means to provide a secure space and supervision. I know this seems harsh, but if you are unable or unwilling to keep your dog on your property, you are not a responsible dog owner and you shouldn't have one.

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    If you cannot mend your fences, the dog could get shot by the neighbor & be with in his rights of doing so. Fence off part of your property that the dog cannot dig out of. You will have to dog proof the yard so the dog cannot dig out.

    Dig a trence along the fence line & come out 2 foot making the trench about 2 foot wide right next to the fence. Lay in 2 foot chicken wire, attach it to the fence ever 12 inches or so, then bury the wire. Dog will not dig out. I did that to my little half acre.

  • Maxi
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    So you have a bored, untrained and under exercised dog who has many behaviour issues ( yet you think getting another pup is the isn't)

    First get the dog on a lead and daily walk it for at least one hour EVERY day, that will exercise the dog and socialise the dog as a large unfenced garden is no place for a bored, untrained dog.......... if you didn't leave your house you would soon get stir crazy same with the dog and forget getting another when you have a 3yr old who you have having real issues with and is upsetting the neighbours.

    If the garden is not suitable as you can't be bothered to by some cheap fencing and secure it, then you need to get a smaller secure area fenced for it and it only has the run of the whole garden when you are there and you have trained your dog not to go wandering

  • Jojo
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    Oh my goodness.....and you are now thinking of getting a German Shepherd puppy.

    I can hardly believe you are thinking about this after reading this and your post about your Lab ripping up its bed.

    Its about time you trained and exercised your Labrador PROPERLY instead of expecting it amuse itself in your yard and Horrors upon Horrors, even thinking of getting a GSD pup for it to play with.

    You sound like the irresponsible dog owner from hell....

    Make your fencing dog proof and get off your backside and take your dog out for proper long walks or find her a home with an owner who knows how to manage a dog properly and give it the exercise and training it so needs. Jmo.

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    Create a smaller fenced in area for your dog to be in then as NO WAY should it be able to get out to chase horses and livestock... and now you're also asking about getting a Shepherd puppy. That would be totally and utterly irresponsible to do.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    Get a better fence or keep the dog on a leash. Be a responsible pet owner and neighbor, you fúcking jackhole! Do you think your neighbors appreciate your disobedient mutt chasing their horses and destroying their property? Idiot.

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