WHO?Cloud Strife. WHAT?An alien disease called Geostigma infects many kids and Cloud. WHEN?2 years after The Game?


WHERE?MIDGAR EDGE(AKA The Ruins of the poorer parts of MIDGAR aside from The Slums and Sectors 5,6 and 7 which Reno blew up and Shinra Inc. framed AVALANCHE AKA Barrett and Co(Basically the good guys though in The Game it`s a bit more complicated) for, where hardly anyone decent goes anymore since Aerith`s murder and Denzel`s adoption)that were affected by METEORFALL(Sephiroth unleashing his "MOTHER"`s power on our solar system)and The Lifestream bursting out(The collective souls of The Planet).

1 Answer

  • 6 months ago

    WHY?Sephiroth`s pissed and Rufus Shinra`s an incompetent,greedy asshole!Which,if you had played The Game,you`d already know!

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