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Anyone on here totally change?

When I was a teen I was very popular, was up to date on all entertainment, went out every weekend and only cared about fun but I was broke. Now I am nearly 40 and ALL I do is work, and there are times when I could go out but it just seems like a waste of time. I am self employed so I see opportunities where I could make thousands of dollars within a few hours so that keeps me from hanging out and spending money. I was wondering if anyone else has totally changed from popular fun guy to anti social workaholic.

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    Popularity is not a goal in life. Individual achievement is a goal. Congratulations on your success. Now you get to choose when and how you enjoy yourself.

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    Quite a few people do and some know it like you do. Only YOU can change your life. You can chase money you won't spend for many years to come and then keel over through overwork and lazy relatives will enjoy the fruits of all YOUR labour. Time to do a bit of chilling perhaps. Get out of the habitual daily grind and into the occasional relaxation pursuit - holiday, hobby - go somewhere totally out of your comfort zone. You won't feel quite so jaded.

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    Victims to societal demands for the requirement of money to survive or live.

    I'll never be the same.

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