HELP: Why is my wii not working?

So i bought a wii around 2009/2010 and it worked perfectly fine for years. I got bored of the games i had so i took it to a place where they downloaded games on a usb and attached it to the wii. After a few years I bought the xbox 360 and forgot about the wii. Today I brought it out so i could play on it but when I connected it the power button was orange/red and it didn’t respond when i press it, i tried unplugging everything for a few minutes and replugging it to no avail. I cant try powering it on from the remote because it is un synced. Any help would be appreciated 😀

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    7 months ago

    Honestly, consumer electronics are not designed to last for very long. They cant make money off you if you don't buy the latest product, so they build planned obsolescence into pretty much everything these days, meaning its designed to last a couple of years, long enough for them to bring out the new version, and then faults start popping up, and its cheaper to buy the new one than fix the old one. 9 years in consumer electronics terms is well outside the lifespan of most products. Even if its just sitting somewhere out of the way, the electronics can have degraded to the point where it no longer functions, and you'd have trouble even finding someone who works on the old models these days.

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