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Mexican and Latin American profound influence on the USA, which is not just limited to food and words?

Much music and dance has definite or likely Mexican/Latinx influence.

Words (obvious) cafeteria, tornado, bodega, adobe, etc. Full list of recorded ones here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_English_word...

Food (obvious) tacos, quesadillas, coca cola, chocolate, vanilla, avocadoes, guacamole, chili peppers, chili, bell peppers, tomatoes, burritos, nachos, tortillas, tortilla chips, potatoes, etc.

Gold, copper, lead and silver, etc. mined in places like California, Nevada, and Arizona, as well as oil in Texas funded the USA's second industrial revolution

California and Mexicans, (along with the Asian, Irish, and other workers), allowed the Transcontinental Railroad


Texas cattle ranching and beef.

computers and internet: Most


Rockets/space (if one believes space is real). Command was in Houston and Cape Canaveral is in Florida.

Candy, car parts, clothes, etc. made in Mexico

Television, not just Dora the Explorer, the first popular USA television made by Philo Farnsworth in California.

Scientific discoveries. Many other technologies were from California and Texas


Computers, internet, and many tech companies started in California.

Microsoft started in New Mexico.

The airplane was invented in Brazil.

Calculators and integrated circuits were invented at Texas Instruments.

Many companies are now headquartered in Texas.


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  • 6 months ago

    The ignorance is everywhere in this thread...from the OP to many of the answers. First off, real Latinos are Europeans.. Spanish, Italians, Portuguese, Sicilian, etc. Latin America was a way of saying Catholic America, since Latin was the official language of the Catholic Church and those territories were colonized by Catholic countries. Everyone has played a role in building this nation. As for the technologies you mentioned, it had nothing to do with ethnicity. People create it. Many people from many different cultures helped create it.

    Not sure what you mean by "words." If you're going to single out a culture, well popular culture is mostly influenced by African American culture. It's influences are seen all over the world, including "Latin America." I will have to give credit to the African American culture for the style us language that we use.

    If you go by Mexican -American culture, well much of it is throw away from other cultures. Zoot suits were stuff African Americans were in the 1920's that Mexican Americans adopted in the late 1930's, the music is old music by African Americans, and low rider cars? Well, low rider car scene was created by Whites in the 1930's. Whites in the scene started moved on from it and Mexican Americans adopted it in the mid to late 40's. Make no mistake that Whites did invent low riders for cruising.

    What really matters is that we all have influenced the USA. Every group here in the US has contributed, whether you want to accept this or not. That is what makes the US so great. Sure it has had and still has some dark times, but we still have the opportunity to be what we want to be regardless of who we are. Some have more opportunity than others, but if we really tried as hard as we could, we can achieve our dreams too. More people try to come here from all over the world than any other country. Why? Simple. For all of it's shortcomings, it's still the best place to live.

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      The only popular musical instrument blacks invented was the banjo. 
      Blues music was heavily influenced by Celtic music. 
      Jazz was heavily influenced by classical and European marching music. 
      Without the German electronic band Kraftwerk there'd be no pop,electro, house, techno or hip hop.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Yes, there were in N.A. before the English, French, Italian, Vikings. There was no borders. Most hung around the equator....1500 or so years

    (bones have been dug up that are "25,000yrs old" in Mexico (radiometric dating done in the U.S. for an American archeologist suggesting they originated out of Siberia which goes back to Africa) via land bridges and walking. ALOT.

    Latin America is just walking farther south (no boat required)

    Spain&Portugal is part of "Europe"

    The Mayans were the precursors to the Aztecs who predated the Mexicans. Europe made the discovery of the continent in 1492. Google it...& YouTube it for N.A. history...and be amazed.

    . Do you have a question?

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You're such a damn liar. The bulk of "Mexican culture" came from Spain. So called "Mexican food" is actually Mayan food. Tacos is Mayan. Mexican wrestling was invented by a white man. The average Mexican IQ is 87. The pinata originated from China. Cowboy boots originated from Spain. Mexicans don't even have their own language. Mexican women are fat and hairy with dry personalities. Look at Salma hayek (a stupid name btw). She has hair all over her. Look at her hairy arms. Sick! If you look up Mexican inventors almost all of them are white people. Coca cola was invented by a white man named John Pemberton. The airplane was invented by white people (Wright brothers). The computer was invented by a white man in England named Charles Babbage. Telephone was invented by a white man named Alexander Graham Bell.

  • Clive
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    6 months ago

    And what is your question?

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  • Alpha
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    6 months ago

    Influence on a nation does not give you the right to break laws. If you want to rant do so elsewhere. This is not a forum.

  • Bob
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    6 months ago

    Now the racists on YA's post some racial slur and think they are better than Mexicans.

  • humpty
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    6 months ago

    Latinos were in the southwest when my people reached Maryland in 1650. Our nation was built of both stocks, and the melting pot produced great food, good music and Carmen Diaz. How can this be anything but great?

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