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How long do employee discount cards last after you resign?

I resigned from a store about a month ago and today I had to go buy some clothes for a new job. The employees there know me of course and the cashier asked me how have I been yatta yatta... she asked me about the discount and I said "I assume I don't have it anymore lol I wish I had it" she asked me if they ever took the card I said no and she told me that we should try it and it worked! I felt bad using it but she said it's their fault for not asking for it or deactivating it. I saved 20 bucks. Can I get in trouble for this? I din't know and she din't seem to care and of course the thought of saving is convincing. Tbh I still don't know what the rules are.

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    I would think if it was something to be scanned, it would be deactivated when you quit.

    Walmart employees can buy sams memberships out of their paychecks. On a per payday basis, not all at once. So I would not expect their sams membership to work months later.

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      Only person that was not idiotically rude lol

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    you know better than that.

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    You committed fraud. Are you happy with yourself? "Employee" discount - you are NO LONGER an employee. It isn't rocket science. The cashier who rang you through didn't do you any favor. You will likely get caught, when they catch up with the card purchases.

    Source(s): Certified Paralegal, with 25+ years' experience & with Employment law experience.
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      You are def not a paralegal lmao

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    That is considered theft. Yes, you can get in trouble because you knew it wasn't right.

    ETA: Ignorance and stupidity are not a valid excuse for breaking the law. Grow the phuk up.

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      Aw offended much? Hush and bye lol

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    Any EMPLOYEE discount, BY DEFINITION, is invalid the INSTANT you are no longer an employee.

    The cashier can be charged with THEFT if she knowingly TRIED to give an employee discount to a former employee.

    YOU can be convicted of theft merely for HAVING the card, much less using it.

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    By definition, employee discounts are for employees, not former employees.

    You are not going to get in legal trouble for this, however SHE could be fired. Knowingly giving employee discounts to someone who is not an employee is grounds for immediate termination.

    The worst the company could do to you is ban you from the store and/or inform anyone who calls for a reference that you are not eligible for rehire because you requested/accepted the employee discount from your friend a month AFTER you were terminated.

    Morally you should have declined, but you are not in any legal trouble. Hope saving $20 was worth looking like a thief to future employers. If I were you, I'd rip up that card and leave this job off your resume.

    ETA: "But I din't request for it" Baloney. Handing your discount card to the cashier is the very definition of requesting a discount. You KNEW you were no longer an employee and it also crossed your mind that your friend could get in trouble so obviously you KNEW it was wrong. You did it anyways. You could have very easily declined the discount or at the very minimum asked the cashier to ask a manager. And you know damn well that the manager would have said, "No...someone who hasn't worked here in a month doesn't get the employee discount".

    ETA: I specifically said you were not a criminal. I said you were morally in the wrong. (Although I suppose one could make the argument that presenting an employee discount card when you are not an employee is fraud, but now THAT would be dramatic).

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      Yeah, you're right. One things for sure definitely won't do it again, can't sleep on this. Thank you!

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