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I feel like in order to get a job as a Software Developer, you need to have worked on projects in your free time. Is that true or not really?

For example, if someone just takes college classes then comes home and watches TV or hangs out with friends, they probably won't get a job as a Software Developer. Since the job market is competitive and lots of people have Computer Science degrees. Do you agree with what I've said or not really?

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    Not really, because there is the alternative of working as a coder or other low-level programmer who will be mentored by the project leader. Once you see what it takes to pull a project together a few times, you would then be better able to decide whether you were ready to do that on your own. There is a mind-set that home-grown projects will not teach you. You have to be immersed in a project-oriented environment to understand it fully.

    The good news? It IS learnable.

    P.S. I retired after over 40 years of working in some branch or another of IT and almost 50 years of computer usage in general. My first program was written in 1968 (in college). My first job was as a coder and I made it to become a department manager who reported to the VP of IT for the company. Didn't take that long, either.

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    Yes, i am agree with you, because to get a software developer job all concepts should be clear and it cannot be possible by only computer courses,you only get 1% knowledge through it. we need to do self study.

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    6 months ago

    experience is ALWAYS a plus. and while not absolutely required, anything you can show that you've done (especially if it's unique and creative) will get their attention.

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    If you want to be a doctor, should you have been practicing drawing blood from your friends in your free time?

    Because people have personal computers, for some bizarre reason, they think that they have to do stuff that no other professions are expected to do.

    Prospective employers know that recent graduates have been busy getting their degrees, and students are expected to need time off for leisure activities. But they want to see something substantial, like sports or playing a musical instrument, or doing volunteer work -- not just watching TV.

    They want to see that you've had a summer job -- but they know students aren't always able to get something in the field. A job at a fast-food restaurant is fine.

    When companies hire entry-level people, they *DO* expect to do some "hand holding". They know that mentoring new people is part of their responsibility. But they WILL be looking at your ability to pick up the procedures.

    If a student has done a project, it is usually of very little value because it's unlikely to be exactly the kind of thing that the employer needs. They expect to teach you the way that THEIR company does things.

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  • 6 months ago

    Yes I do, if you just take the course it doesn't mean you know how to do stuff outside of the course. You have to face problems that you create and not the teacher creates.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    There's a grain of truth. The field is highly competitive. There are more people than jobs. So preference will be given to those with more experience and more enthusiasm. Someone who just goes for the degree but doesn't do anything related to computers for fun probably won't make it in the field.

  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    it probably depends on who youre trying to get a job with

  • P
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    6 months ago

    In general yes. However the bigger companies will snap up the really good students from the better Universities right out of college. If you are graduating without a job setup generally having a portfolio of projects sets you apart from the horde. Companies don't like to do a lot of hand holding and having some projects for them to see will assure them you can hit the ground running.

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