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Ammo carb screwed up fish tank?

Okay so I got ammo-carb for my fish tank bc my goldfish was turning black from ammonia I also purchased a vacuum and vacuumed the 10 gallon tank for about 5 hours straight with a tank vacuum. I did the best I could, removing the worst I could. So then I was like "okay I'mma get ammo carb in there now". I measured it out, put it on top of the filter (that's what I was told to do bc I don't have a media compartment in my filter). NOW MY WATER IS SUPER WEIRD AND CLOUDY even though the bag said you only need to rinse the dust out?? Will the cloudiness harm my fishies?? I only have 2 fish in my tank! I'm only 15 btw, so if this sounds stupid, I'm sorry.



1) went to Petsmart, they said it was okay

2) the water DID clear up and when I checked the gravel and tested the water, it was clean

3) the ammo carb DID work

4) my fish has his golden color again.


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    how did you vacuum a 10 gallon tank for 10 hours? did you clean, refill, clean refill, repeate repeate repeate?

    if your gravel is that dirty, "and with 2 goldfish in a 10 gallon, it probobly is", you need to do some rerios changes. non of wich involve ammo carb.

    1 fancy goldfish needs a 20 gallon tank, each additional needs another 10 galons, "bare minimum" and a filter good for double that. Common / carnival prize / single tail / feeder goldfish, need twice that.

    the less gravel you have the easier its gonna be to keep the tank clean. keep just enough to hold down some silk plants, or even better, "especially if your tank is overstocked with some of the largest fish in the hobby," keep a bare bottom tank.

    I did not know that ammo carb was bad, i personally just would have been to skeptical to purchase another one of API's snake oil products.

    After what anonymous said, and because API sells snake oil , I would remove it. get a bottle of Seachums prime instead. And fet a proper filter that has room for extra stuff. like a marineland. add some bio balls, rings, chips or any absolutely chemical sponge or porous material like craft felt. Run both filters together for at least 8 weeks .

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    6 months ago

    Adding ammo carb was only the third mistake you made...

    1. "vacuumed the 10 gallon tank for about 5 hours straight"

    I'm not even sure how that's possible, or exactly what you mean, but....

    A. Vacuuming a ten gallon correctly takes a couple minutes at most. I can vacuum a 500 gallon in about ten minutes.

    B. Overcleaning is a common way to kill fish.

    C. Needing to overclean means you overfeed the tank, which is another common way to kill fish.

    2. A goldfish in a ten gallon is a bad idea. Two would be twice as bad an idea.

    3. Unfortunately Ammo carb has a number of problems with its use and the manufacturers of all the various "Ammo products" don't really make it clear how they could be used without causing issues.

    I recommend against ever using it and any ammonia problem can be solved by other methods or products better and safer.

    Ammo products can stall the biologic processes in the tank, leading to longer toxic periods, and delay in establishing the correct bacterial balance in the filter materials. There are also certain water conditions that can lead to the Ammo suddenly releasing toxins into the water at a later time, causing poisoning of the fish.

    Fortunately the chemicals, either Amquel or Prime, work better at temporarily detoxifying ammonia and don't cause these problems.

    Note: overcleaning or replacing all the filter materials should also never be done, since this is where beneficial bacteria that reduce ammonia in the tank grow.

    It is super normal for water to be cloudy after doing what you did. You upset whatever biology had developed and cloudiness is expected. Cloudiness is an indication of a problem, but the cloudiness itself doesn't harm fishies.

    Any loose filter material like carbon, should be in a mesh bag or media basket. Any dust left after a good rinsing is ok.

    What to do now.??

    Keep learning basic aquarium care. I screwed up my first try at keeping a tank,,, so do most people.

    Get rid of the Ammo Carb, but not any of the other filter materials.

    Don't even clean them.!!!

    Stop feeding, and only feed a few times a week, a tiny amount.

    By the time the tank recovers you'll have read some more and be better prepared to do maintenance.

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