Cannot figure out what is wrong with laptop (details in description)?

I have a Samsung Odyssey laptop, pre-owned, had it for 2 years no issues.

Recently I've been having a problem where when I play games the screen either becomes distorted or black. With one game, it freezes up after a while and theres red lines on the screen. With the other one the screen just goes black. To get it to go away I have to force a shutdown on the laptop and restart, it doesn't go away on its own. If I pick the laptop up or move the screen after this, the screen goes black again.

I took it to a repair place, here is what they did (after 2 visits)

-ran a stress test for 2 days on the GPU and CPU, couldn't recreate the problem.

-checked the inside, cleaned it out, made sure all the cables were connected and not damaged. They also checked the fans for damage.

-wiped my hard drive, reinstalled windows 10, and updated the drivers.

The problem still persists, I try to play a game and 5-10 minutes in the screen is black.

They said their best guess right now is overheating. I downloaded a program to check the core temperature, when in game and using a cooling pad the max temp is around 70-75 degrees Celcius. From what I've googled, the temperature shouldn't exceed 80 degrees and it hasn't. I have also gone into Device Manager and checked my graphics card and it says everything is working normally.

I'm not sure what else this could be they've done a lot to try and diagnose this problem, it's been 2 weeks and so far nothing has worked. Any ideas?


Model NP800G5M-X01US

7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (Quad-core)

NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1050

Update 2:

It is currently at the Samsung repair center and so far they have not found any issues. The fans are working normally, nothing looks damaged, it isnt dusty. However the laptop seems to run perfectly fine when it isnt running a game while charging. The only time it overheats and the screen goes black is when you try to play a game with the charger plugged in. Otherwise, it runs the games perfectly fine when it isnt plugged in to the charger.

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  • 6 months ago

    Check CYRI to determine what specs YOU need.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    could be the lcd screen or connector?

  • 6 months ago

    First question: Did you use any overclocking utilities? If you did, that may have damaged the components of the system.

    Second question: Have you adjusted the specific games' graphics settings to low and see if the problem persists?

    Third question: I noticed that the laptop has an odd looking intake grill and outlet vent (odd being that there isn't a specific area for the CPU and GPU fan/s and the outlet appears to be blowing right underneath the screen), is the laptop raised correctly to allow for maximum airflow and how hot does it feel if you put your hand behind the laptop and does the base of the screen get hot?

    The laptop is also rather thin and thin laptops always have problems with cooling. Which program are you using to check the temperatures of your system? 70 degrees Celsius is quite hot but not the maximum the system can handle. Personally I do not like my laptop running in the 80s to 90s but it has been to 84. Also, check that the cooling pad's fan/s is/are not interfering with the laptop's fan/s.

    Otherwise, check that the specific games are not looking for specific hardware/software support like shader, Direct X and so on.

    • Paige6 months agoReport

      The games have run fine on the laptop for over a year, this problem started suddenly out of nowhere. It runs the games fine when not plugged into the charger, I was able to play until the battery got low. However the games drain the battery pretty quick so its not an ideal way to play.

  • Lv 7
    6 months ago

    uh, 70 is still high. 80 is dangerous, but you shouldn't be getting prolonged temperatures in the 70's if things are working right.

    are you overclocking? try setting back to factory or dialing down game settings.

    are your laptop's vents open and cleared for airflow? even using a cooling pad you need to be sure ALL vents can vent properly...

    and be sure the pad is big enough.

    since it's on multiple games, have you run chkdsk on the hard drive? have you defragmented?

    • Paige6 months agoReport

      I've tried playing the games on the lowest settings, doesn't help. The laptop is able to run the games perfectly normal when not plugged into the charger, the temperature skyrockets to 80C the second its plugged in and then the screen goes black. It's been cleaned out inside so it isnt dusty

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  • 6 months ago

    Suck warm air out of that laptop with an exterior USB fan box, about $13 on Ebay or Amazon. I have bought a couple different types and brands. All seem to drop the internal temps of laptops and iMac consoles about 30* F when I use them. A laptop platform with a fan inside it will help also.

    Another idea is an external video system running a monitor for gaming. If you have a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt 2 or 3 port, you can use a docking station that has a good video system. That will ease the demands on the internal chips of a laptop. I have used a couple different docking stations--WAVLink, Targus, are brands I run. Also, an external video chip adapter like Iogear or Diamond Multi-media will run a monitor from USB.

    But I don't run wild games on those machines. I do run flight simulators that have some higher performance demands on graphics and CPU.

    • Paige6 months agoReport

      The laptop doesnt have an opening on the side for one of those fan boxes unfortunately, the grill is in the back of the laptop. There are holes in the bottom that the fans suck air through and then it goes out the back. I have a cooling pad for this reason however it doesnt help much anymore.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    you did specifically say "With one game"

    You didn't say what model of Samsung Odyssey which tends to be helpful with those a fair bit more hardware engaged than I am. I can see that Samsung Odyssey does seem to be designed as a gaming laptop so Pete is clearly wrong here.

    70 C is bloody hot though. If you're operating your system based on what "google" tells you, you probably are going to, or have already fried it. Remember, your system will throttle at 80 C to PREVENT more damage to the system. Operating it just below that range is just as bad.

    Laptops don't have cheaply replaceable components and you should realize the trade-off you're getting (often you CAN game at max settings but you shouldn't)

    I'd personally start by lowering the graphics settings (especially resolution, try 1024 x 784 or 1280 x 720) and seeing if that resolves your issue. Based on what you're saying this does sound like a graphics card issue but why it is an issue is a more techie's person's question.

    • Paige6 months agoReport

      Model NP800G5M-X01US
      7th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 Processor (Quad-core)
      NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1050
      Been running Ark Survival Evolved for 2 years on high graphics (a step below max) no issue, that's the game that distorts the screen. Other is Monster Hunter World. Happens with multiple games i've tested.

  • Pete L
    Lv 5
    6 months ago

    Simple answer is your graphics are not able to cope with the demands placed on it by gaming. Laptops are NOT designed for playing games, they are designed for mobility, taking it with you to work on in other places, and doing lighter tasks such as web surfing, working on documents, etc.

    Laptops can not normally have their graphics upgraded since they are built in to the motherboard, unlike desktops/towers which can be built for playing games.

    • 6 months agoReport

      This is a desktop pc salesman, do not trust him

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