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What happens if you show up to one court hearing and you have an arrest warrant for not showing up at the last one?

My ex is in child support arrears with our case for $5k and $12k with his other ex. He didn’t appear for our show cause and there is a now a bench warrant. He is attending a hearing for their case in a couple days. Will he be taken into custody when he shows up to that hearing? It’s in a different county if that matters.

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    I think he's in trouble, big time. He'd better place a call to 3 Equity Court and engage the services of one Horace Rumpole. He's probably the only one who can get him out of this mess.

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    The judge is the one to decide whether this person should be let go or not. It depends a lot on his showing evidence of his good faith attempts to find employment and make up the arrears on his child support. Every case is different, but chances are that if he's coming into court of his own free will, he shouldn't be arrested but should be released so that he can find work and start paying for his kids.

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    Possible. Or he could pay arrears, or have his attorney negotiate something. Up to the judge & the circumstances, if he (or his attorney) show up this time.

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    The judge orders him taken into custody and the county with the warrant comes to pick him up., but If he didn't show up for one hearing why would he show his face in another courtroom?

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  • 6 months ago

    Probably not...

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