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Is neck pain an hiv symptom?

My boyfriend and I have been tested for everything and both had not had sex for many months prior to our relationship. He has been feeling sick and I was a little run down too. Am I being paranoid for worrying about stds still. What could head pain and a stiff neck be?

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  • When you get run down, that can lower your immune system which makes you susceptible to getting sick.

    Unless you've been sharing needles, or having unprotected sex with other people, you're not likely to have HIV.

    Those symptoms could be any thing. If you're concerned about an std or HIV, you should see a doctor and get checked out for stds and HIV.

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    Not a known one, more like a viral general infection or just muscle strain. If you are both negative, no one to give it to you.

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    If you were both already tested negative, then It's not likely HIV. A stiff neck could be associated many other disorders such as Mononucleosis and Meningitis.

  • A cold or the flu - one of you caught it and gave it to the other.

    Where do you live and who do you hang out with and what have you both been up to that would make you even begin to consider HIV?

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  • kelvin
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    6 months ago

    he doesn't have HIV

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    not that I know of ..............................

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