So basically I've been seeing this guy every day for literally 6 weeks straight. Legit non stop, he's been staying at my place and occasionally I go to his. He plays with my hair when I'm falling asleep and we're very comfortable with each other. He even met my mum the other day and we spent my bday together. He cooked me breakfast etc.. but he told me he doesn't want a relationship.. but every thing he does says the opposite. Anyway, today he asked me what I thought we were and then proceeded to tell me I should **** somebody else so I stop liking him but he's said he likes me too! I'm just so confused and need some kind of insight.. I want some perspective of what is going on with his head. please help.


I did think that too but we barely have sex at this point.. we kind of just hang out like mates. I don't think I want a relationship or anything to be labelled. just the confirmation that I'm not insane.

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  • tony
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    7 months ago

    hes stringing u along and keeping his options open,u is a fwb.... It’s plain to see that although he does “like you” he cannot give you a firm commitment, or even a basic idea of what he wants from you, besides the attention or sex you provide.u set the standards, why would they want to change them after u already let them have what they want. u are kind of being stupid at that point. u have to be clear from the get go u only want a relationship and won't play around with anything else and want them to leave if they are going to try.

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  • 7 months ago

    He's a free agent and wants you to be one as well. I don't think he's leading you down the path to a permanent relationship. He's not interested in you personally as much as he is in having sexual relations with you.

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