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Benefits of wearing sunscreen every single day?

i just turned 16 and i’ve always been lazy to apply sunscreen but i think i should probably start now. what are some pluses in the long run to wearing it every day starting now? thanksss(:

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    My mom used to model. She wears sunscreen every single day. As a result, she looks ten-fifteen years younger than women of the same age. I started doing the same thing. I'm much lazier than my mother, but people typically think I have good skin lol

    Just make sure that whatever brand of sunscreen you're using is good for daily wear/long-term use. Not all sunscreens are necessarily healthy for you

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    Wearing it daily can lead to prevention of wrinkles and possibly, skin cancers.

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    You don't need to wear it everyday, you only need to put it on when you'll be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

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    I don't know wearing it everyday is neccesarily a good idea since there have been studies that show that sunscreen after extended use can have issues of its own. HOWEVER, you still need to use sunscreen, especially if you are in direct sunlight and doing activities such as laying out on the beach. Sunscreen helps prevent early aging, and belive me it can make a huge difference. Look up pictures of people who are addicted to tanning, they tend to be quite wrinkled with a lot of skin damage. The most obvious answer though of course is that it helps prevent skin cancer and some pretty nasty sun burns.

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