What if JFK found out about Roswell and wanted to reveal this secret to the publicCIA plot to kill him using an Mkultra candidate?

Sixteen years before President Kennedy's last days, the Roswell crash introduced our military to alien technology. The existence of the grey creatures from Zeta Reticuli, with the large head and eyes, is the biggest government secret on record! Earth governments had been working with the greys for 16 years before JFK got wind of this and was about to tell the press and the people. All presidents that came after JFK are not in the loop. President Bush does not have clearance for Area 51.

Roswell happened during the administration of Harry Truman. The next president, Eisenhower, also knew of the aliens and the captured EBE. A LIVE grey, designated as Extraterrestrial Biological Entity, was (in a sense) a prisoner of war. Was EBE the inspiration for ET? It was studied for years until its death. The crashed saucers were back-engineered; and numerous high-tech products today actually come from the aliens it is a thorny no evidence but if it's true: Night vision, transistors and computer technology, to name only a few...have been reported to have been given to us by the Zeta Reticuli aliens.


Central Intelligence Acengy already on bad terms with JFK plotted his assination uing a delusional left wing nut bag Oswald as a patsy and forced LBJ to help cover it up and to derail FBI and warren comission investigation . JFK was going to broadcast a Human alien exhance program called Project Serpo in 1964 is allged to have happend at Holloman airforce base New Mexico.

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    6 months ago
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    Great theory it is probably only conspiracy theory that makes sense that why the whole thing got hushed up.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I got a great laugh out of reading your profile statement after that lot.

  • Paula
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    6 months ago

    What a great conspiracy story.

    You should write a book.

    It is bound to be a best-seller.

  • oyubir
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    6 months ago

    At least, don't destroy your fantasy argumentation by being so specific on matters about which you are clearly ignorant.

    For example, why saying that night vision, transistor and computers come from aliens.

    Do you know a bit about the history of those technology? About the technology themselves?

    Do you understand that computers are quite easy machine to understand. No need of aliens for that. Sure, modern computers are quite complex. Not because it is rocket science (well, rocket science isn't rocket science neither), but because it is the accumulation of many many details that allows lot of optimisation.

    But even architecture common in the 1980s are fully understable by a geekie high scholl student. And when I say "fully understandable", I really mean it. From silicium to transistor. From transistor to nand gates. From nand gates to combinatory circuits (addition and all) and to memory. From combinatory + memory to state machine. From state machine to micro-controller. From micro-controllers to processors. From processors to machine.

    Where in that process do we need aliens?

    Well, in your list the transistor part would be the more realistic. But transistor are the continuation of far earlier scientific discovery (including by Faraday, or Hall). Mataré himself had already documented transistor in the early 1940s before his own invention of transistor, in 1947. He just hadn't the time to study it properly, hence the reason by invention is dated of 1947. But clearly, it is not as if it appeared suddenly in 1947 (as if some ET brought the transistor to us).

    Those belief that some technologies are so advanced that you need external source to explain how we suddenly got them is juste a manifestation of scientific illiteracy, and ignorance of those technologies. In reality, they are not so advanced (even if practical implementation of some technologies can be harder than theoretical description, or even practical proof of concept. For example, quantum computing has been known, and even proven with real experiments for a few decades, and yet do not really exist yet).

    And never appear suddenly.

    I guess, we all do the same for technologies we don't know. I, for example, might have the same feeling of overly complicated technology that appeared suddenly for modern pharmacy, because I don't have a clue about how (other than trial and error) one can design a molecule for a given effect. But I am pretty sure that if I had studied it, it would also seem ridiculous that someone can believe that pills were given to us by aliens.

    I do know how computers, transistors and night vision works (and millions of people on Earth have this knowledge. No possible conspiracy here) and can tell you for sure that those technologies are not that strange, and that they did not appear suddenly.

    Said otherwise: we would have surely invented transistor, computers and night vision anyway. And probably in that same timeline. So, if really aliens gave them to us in 1947, they only spared us a maximum of a few months of research.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

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