I have a networking and data question.?

The office I work in has a very poor cellular connection and almost no data speeds. It is just the construction of the building. Can anyone recommend a device that I can plug into my PC via USB to turn it into a wifi hotspot? I just want to be able to connect my phone to my PC and share my PC internet speeds. Or if you have another suggestion on how to share a network connection let me know. I greatly prefer not to do a split of the Ethernet cable going into my PC to a wireless router, but I can as a last resort.


We are still running Windows 7 and there is no IT department. It's a small company with no oversite. The Dell computer I am using is almost 10 years old. Trust me technology isn't key here.

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  • 8 months ago
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    You should probably first consult your IT department to see if that is allowed. Often times, adding devices not related to work can be a security risk.

    If you have Windows 10 on your work PCs, you can enable a Wi-Fi hotspot (assuming your computer has a Wi-Fi card installed). This hotspot will allow you to connect any Wi-Fi compatible device to your PC and then access the Internet.

    I was an IT intern last year at a local dried fruit facility. My manager would get a bit annoyed when other employees wanted to get on the main corporate network with their personal devices and they hadn't filled out a form for that. He would tell them that until they do that, they have to use guest Wi-Fi network. That's the main reason why I suggest you talk to your IT department first.

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  • 8 months ago

    we you fail him

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    8 months ago

    uh, why not just use your PC then?

    otherwise, get a wifi extender.

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