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What day should I work shoulders?

When working out I’ve always gone with the split of “chest/triceps - shoulder/back/biceps - legs/core” but lately I’ve seen that a lot of people say you should work shoulders the same day as chest and triceps. What makes the most sense?

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    Different parts of the shoulder are involved in both pushing (chest/tricep) and pulling (back/bicep) movements. However it usually works best to train shoulders with chest/triceps. A push/pull/legs routine is very popular at the moment and quite effective.

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    If you do chest and shoulders on different days, then have a leg day or rest day between them.

    I like workouts that pair opposing exercises so there is no wasted time between sets. You can do that with chest and shoulders:

    Bench press & rear shoulder; Overhead press & upper chest cable; Dip & mid shoulder

    Arnold did chest and back together in the AM. He would then do legs the same day PM, But later conceded that it would be okay to wait until the next day to do legs. On the following day he would pair front and rear shoulders and then biceps and triceps.

    I'm currently trying to make arm gains with the following split of all paired exercises:

    1)Leg&Forearm: DeadLift/StandingCalf, HipThrust/SeatedCalf, LegCurl/WristCurl

    2)Chest&Arms: BenchPress/BbCurl, Dip/BlasterCurl, UpperChestCbl/TricepsPushDown

    3)Calf&Forearm: StandingCalf/WristCurl, SeatedCalf/WristExtension

    4)Back&Arms: WeightedPullUp/ SkullChrusher, BentOverBbRow/KickBack, Pullover/CblCurls

    5)Leg&Forearm: Squat/StandingCalf, Lunge/SeatedCalf, QuadExtensionMach/WristCurl

    6)Delt&Arms: OverheadBbPress/DbCurl, SeatedRow/TricepsOverHeadDb, MidDeltDbRaise


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    It makes the most sense to change it up every once in a while.

    Most people group shoulders (delts) with chest and triceps because the bench press movement (or push-ups) works all three at the same time. However it is useful to note that the shoulder (deltoid muscle) really has three separate sections to it that do different things. The anterior or front part of your shoulder is the part you use with bench or push-ups. The middle part is mostly used for raising your arm (so that is mostly activated with shoulder press or side raises). The rear part of the deltoid is used with rowing motions (pulling) so that is best matched with back and bi exercises.

    So to make a long answer shorter, you should match the front part of your shoulder workout to your chest and triceps and the back part of your shoulder workout to your back and biceps. The middle part you can do with either, or do on a separate day. There are lots of ways to do it and none of them are perfect (like I said to begin with it is best to mix it up every once in a while but it helps to know which muscles do what).

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    upper body - lower body

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