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Where can I try the best highest quality bacon?

Would I be able to find some in a grocery store or do I have to look somewhere else? Any experienced or expert bacon eaters?

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    Unless you have a specialty grocery store you can go to, with a substantial butcher section and locally-sourced meats, you might want to try a real butcher or other place that specializes in really high-quality foods, locally-sourced and sustainably raised.

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    High quality the way you are think would be definition have to be not frozen, thus local. Be it at a butcher, farmer's market, or grocery store is just an issue of distribution, like when you first heard of a cool band. Meaning, just because they're small doesn't mean they're good.

    You're talking about "raised in the wilds of North Dakota, each hog is raised with love and affection, petted and played with. Fed only the finest peaches and cream, nuts and beer on the last 5 weeks up to it's slaughter. He is then lovingly butchered by 3, 17th generation Lakota brothers ..."

    At this point you've got a decent scotch in a jewel encrusted bottle to make it cost a million dollars. The $30 one is a normal bottle is fine. After $30 there's no difference. Same goes for foods. If sad pigs who miss their dead mommy cost $0.79/lb, the higher average ones are $3/lb. When they start building a story and charge $17/lb, guess how much of that price goes to pay the marketing guy's $75,000/year salary.

  • CB
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    6 months ago

    Dietz and Watson make a very high quality bacon. Often found in grocery stores or specialty grocery stores.

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    I happen to like the thick cut bacon that I get form Sam's club. Costco is also supposed to have very good thick cut bacon.

    Or try the deli case in your local store you can have it cut as thick or thin as you like.

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