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why , how do Arabs and Jews differ in looks? and why they are both considered "Semitic " people?

and don't "Arabs" look more like people in former Persia, etc?

why they look different than Jews, but both are said to be "Semitic" people?

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    Jewish appearance is very diverse. Some Jews are mixed with Europeans, and others are predominantly Ethiopian in looks. The ones in Middle East, with the exception of Yemeni Jews, are the least mixed Jews.

    Arabs in Levant region, especially Palestinian Arabs, are related with Jews, while the Southern Arabian Jews look different. Levant Arabs are hybrid of Arab invaders and the indigenous inhabitants.

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      How do you jump to a loopy conclusion like that, Fishface?

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    Interbreeding with non Jews.The Jewish diaspora refers to the dispersion of Israelites or Jews out of their ancestral homeland (the Land of Israel) and their subsequent settlement in other parts of the globe.

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    Semitic is an ethno-linguistic family. Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Amharic of Ethiopia, and most of the old Mesopotamian and Canaanite languages are Semitic. Persians/Iranians are not Semitic in origin but have been Arabized over the centuries since the Islamic conquests in the 7th Century.

    Genetically the Jews of direct Levantine descent and the Arabized native Palestinians are the same, merely their cultures differ.

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    Semite is derived from Shem, one of the sons of Noah. Both Arabs and Jews claim their ancestors were Isaac and Ishmael the two sons of Abraham. There are 2 main groups of Jews: Sephardic (N African & Middle Eastern) and Ashkenazi (European). The Sephardic Jews would more closely resemble the Arabs as they come from the same regions.

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      Fishface is convinced s/he can tell the origins of any human purely based on their appearance – s/he is not a complex person.

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