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Can we obtain dinosaur blood from amberized mosquitos of the same era?

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    Yes, but no. I'm gonna guess why you ask this.

    Yes, blood can and has been found in mosquitos preserved in amber. But the blood therein has very little viable DNA left, DNA is very fragile and it has simply been so long it's mostly denatured, and by mostly, it's like >99% denatured.

    Jurassic Park isn't a reality yet m'fraid ^^

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    Any blood that somehow originally got into amber has long since degraded to uselessness due to damage from radiation accumulated over 60 million years, and the effects of thermal motion on the dna complex.

    Heck they can't even clone a mammoth, and there are very well preserved hunks of mammoth flesh found in the permafrost in the far North. There remains are "only about 20,000 years old, and it is possible to see cell structure, yet even then the dna molecules are so badly damaged that cloning seems impossible.

    So no hope with something that spent 60 million years in warm amber.

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