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Grammar question?

"At epidaurus, the combination of virtual pitch and the sound-dampening effects of the seats allow performers' voices to be heard fully and clearly from any seat."

The underlined portion of the sentence is "allow". Why is it C and not D?!

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    The word "Epidaurus" is a proper noun, meaning you capitalize the first letter.

    "Pitch" and "effects" [two nouns] ALLOW voices to be heard, i.e. THEY allow that.

    The sentence is correct as is.

    BTW it's worth seeing; I've been there.

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      Actually, I think the answer is D. The subject is not pitch and effects [plural] but rather 'combination' [singular]. "The combination of x and y allows ..."

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    6 months ago

    The answer is A, no change. The sentence is correct as it stands.

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