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How do you force yourself to be an extrovert?

I m usually okay with my personality, but I hate my life is boring and not worth talking/posting about. Years ago, I tried to force myself into more loud, social, and rough activities, but I always felt drained and exhausted from all the noise and crowds (and in some events, lights; gives me a headache). Same thing with certain clothes. Felt uncomfortable becuase my body is... not right for party clothes.

I know the end of my life is a long time away (I hope...), but I can t imagine lying on my deathbed and thinking the most fun I had in life were the hours I spent in my room. I do leave my house, but only for errands or work since my friends are busy with their own lives.

If not an extrovert, at least, how do I make my life not boring, and worth pictures?

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    Dude/girl. First of all, there's nothing wrong you. Being an introvert isn't all bad, you know. I am also an introvert and I had also experienced what you had experienced. The main idea of this problem is that, we get exhausted because we're forcing ourselves to become someone we are not. What to do is, you have to accept who you are, not live to the standards of other people and just be yourself. Introverts have their own way of fun. My group of friends are all extroverts or they're just too active. And of course they're usually the causes of "great memories", but we, as introverts can also be a part of that great memory in our own way. In my case I tend to just watch them do their own crazy **** but they never forget to include me in it. That's what makes the memory fun and happy. They don't really point out why you're so still and silent but the important thing is that they appreciate the thought of you being with them. If your friends don't do that, they aren't true friends.

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      I was an extrovert in my childhood/early teen years but some things happened and since then I've been wanting to become an extrovert again. yet i'm still the same introvert for 6/7 years almost. Maybe changing isn't really for me, or you, or anybody. But we'll never know.

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    Another thumbs up to Steve's answer. First, it sounds like you're a round peg trying to fit into a square hole. Second, as Dale Carnegie said, it's much easier to make friends by becoming interested in other people than by trying to make other people interested in you. A lot of the time, extroverts come off that way, as show-offs.

    If you want your life to be interesting. I'd say getting to know all types of people is a pretty good way, and Dale Carnegie's best seller has good advice for that.

    "Every man is my superior in that I learn at least one thing from him."

    - Emerson

    The author O. Henry was asked how many people in New York are worth talking with, and he said, "All of them." He was known for his sentimentality and I wouldn't go quite as far as him, but he had a point.

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    I’m an introvert as well and this is something I’d never do. It’s a good thing that you are choosing to this yourself rather than allowing someone to talk you into it. Here’s an article.

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    I was in the service and to get a school command, I needed to go to instructor school. I am SHY, I flunked speech in college before going into the service, I could not talk in front of a group. Okay, I'm f**ked. If I flunk I lose a good assignment. I then find that everyone else is terrified too. So I practice talking to myself in an empty room. I find subjects that are interesting and I JUST DO IT!!!! It is not easy, I feel like a fool, but I do it. I am dunned because the subjects are not service related, but the instructor goes easy as he is tired of listening to the same old snit. I learned that everyone is so scared they could snit. One guy doesn't make it, he just couldn't do it though we tried our best to make him look good. I find I am able to talk in front of any group, F them, you will listen to me Bhwa ha ha ha! I was still not an extrovert but I was able to pretend I was. I can talk to a group and don't fear doing so.

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    It is not a case forcing yourself, it is a case of training and motivation.


    Steve H has some very good ideas

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    You can't force yourself to be an extrovert, the best you can do is put on the pretense of being that type of person, but ultimately you won't feel happy within yourself.

    To be fulfilled, find what you love and pursue it passionately.

    It may be a hobby, travel, friendships with like minded people, the right job, study, religion, philosophy, writing a book, marriage, sport, invent something useful or perhaps even share your thoughts with lots of online people.

    Basically whatever most strongly appeals to you, is what you should focus on.

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