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What are the best methods to detoxify your body naturally?

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    "What are the best methods to detoxify your body naturally?

    What you should learn i that the body doesn't need something to "detoxify" it. As long as you liver and kidneys are healthy, and fully functional, they will naturally detoxify your body. The so called detox systems sold or otherwise promoted are based in pseudo science, and has been long debunked. The advent of the internet however has given a new fertile grounds for such claims to take root in. As for anything being sold online to "naturally detoxify your body" are going to be nothing a scam, intended to detoxify your wallet. Things you can buy in the store that are also supposed to detoxify your body naturally, aren't going to do anything for you, and if done wrong could even result in serious issues, that can put you in the hospital.

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    5 ways in which you can detoxify at home!

    1. Eat fresh and clean. Go organic and say yes to a healthy life. ...

    2. Drink plenty of water. Drink plenty of water. ...

    3. Start exercising. You need to exercise in order to detoxify well. ...

    4. Try Fasting. Eat fruits and veggies for a day or 2. ...

    5. Go green have a smoothie.

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    Have a liver and kidneys

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