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Can you translate this Japanese text on this image? This should be about car tire pressure...?


A sharper image: https://ibb.co/2WyksC3

On the right side there are two numbers, 250 and 220. I want to know the

text in the boxes above them. The first should mean 'front', the other 'rear'. Correct?


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    Yes, that's right.

    The left side, 前輪, is front tires, which need 250 of pressure, while the right side, 後輪, rear tires, 220.

    Where do you live?

    If in Japan, when you get gas, you can have air injected in every gas staion for free, saying slowly "please check the air pressure?"

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    Try posting a sharp photo. That one is far too blurred to be of much use.

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  • Mzm
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    7 months ago

    my best amateur translation from top to bottom as reads.....

    " Tyre *kanji, kanji* unreadable"

    "Tyre Size, kanji in box, kanji in box"

    "176/65R15 , unreadable in both boxes"

    "...hmmmm yeah rest is pretty unreadable..."

    not at all trying to sound condescending by the way, can read katakana and hiragana (the basic looking japanese) but i only know very few kanji (the complicated looking japanese lol) though even if i did know more kanji, it'd be impossible to make out anything other than the 3 characters on the top.... also i can see more katakana/hiragana on the bottom but too blurry to make out...the only thing i see at the end is "kudasai" which translates to a sort of "please do this" sort of request

    anyway hope this helped even a tiny bit haha! :P

    Source(s): needs to learn more kanji....
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    • Karl7 months agoReport

      Tried the google app, didn't work image too blurred I think. My camera must be weak. Thanks

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