10x8 Shed by a stone wall?

I want to build a shed by a stone wall on my property, bit the stone wall is a retaining wall in a sense. The ground drops down 3 feet or so at the stone wall.

Is there / what is the minimum distance I should keep away from the stone wall?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago
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    One thing I'd consider (besides any local laws) is the probable outcome if either the shed or the wall should collapse under a heavy load of snow or ice, in high winds, or if torrential rains weaken the earth under the wall.

    If space allows, I'd probably build them at a distance equal to or greater than the shed's longest dimension, including its height. So a minimum of ten feet, possibly more.

  • Snezzy
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    6 months ago

    Really depends on how well the retaining wall was constructed. A good wall can be used as part of building's foundation. A poorly built wall will collapse in any number of different ways. The good wall converts the compression load above it into sideways compression that holds everything together. Sometimes this is done with stringers under tension that pull the face of the wall in.

    Go and study the engineering of retaining walls. Become an expert. Become so good at it that you can wave your fingers and dismiss my brief description here as idiotic and too trivial.

    Tensor calculus will help.

  • 6 months ago

    I don t think there is a legal distance but rather one that is practical and enables

    Room for air and cleaning.

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