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Dyed hair at M&S?

I’ve just finished school for the summer and i’ve dyed my hair alpine green. I’ve already got the job at M&S but i haven’t had my training day yet - will my hair affect my job in any way?

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  • If they allow un natural hair colors, then your hair shouldn't affect your job. You do your job the best you can. It should be your skills and experience that matter more to an employer.

    I have hot pink hair. I work in a ware house (not Amazon) that doesn't care what hair color you have, as long as you can do the job. I live outside of Toronto, and dyed it bright red for the Raptors parade day. My boss is a Raptors fan.

    I work full time and I make $16.23 per hr.

  • Laura
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    6 months ago

    We have no idea. We are not your manager or the person who hired you.

    If you had colored hair in the interview, its probably fine.

    If you did not have colored hair in the interview, you should ask your manager if it is allowed. If it is not, you will have to either color your hair again or find a different job.

  • 6 months ago

    Probably not. It depends what their hair color policy is

  • carrie
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    6 months ago

    I hope it doesn't but I fear that it might.

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  • Mark
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    6 months ago

    You'll just have to find out.

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