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any thoughts on venus conjunct venus in aquarius (20 degrees apart) synastry?

woman is venus man is maes. on the flip, man is venus aquarius and wkman is sagittarius mars. woman in cap sun man is sag sun. saturn and suns are conjunct for both the man and womans charts. woman is scorpio moon man is virgo moon.

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  • Janet
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    20 degrees apart is NOT a conjunction.

    They must be within 8 degrees of each for for there to be a conjunction.

    And they don't even have to be in the same sign, which is why astrologers do NOT use Signs when they look at synastry.

    For example. A planet at 28 degrees of Capricorn is only 4 degrees from another planet at 2 Aquarius ... so those two planets are conjunct each other.

    But since her Venus is 20 degrees away from his Venus, there is no conjunction. In fact, her Venus doesn't interact with his Venus at all.

    However, her Venus MIGHT interaction with some other planet in his chart ......

    We don't use signs for Synastry. We use distances, as measured by how far apart two planets are in degrees.

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    for some reason cant edit... my saturn is conjunct his sun and vice versa

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