I settled for a job to pay the bills and I'm still job hunting. Is it bad that I'm still hunting/interviewing after just starting a new job?

I was desperate to get bills paid and build experience. I took on a job as an administrative clerk because I want an 8-5 job in an office. The position is part time, $8.25/hour, and has no insurance and I am being tasked with running errands not related to the company. Ex: the owner has a side business of several rental properties for gov assistance housing and the lots are all legitimately hazardous (trash/feces/urine/rotten food everywhere) with dangerous tenants. I have to go alone when I collect payment or inspect the property even though I was hired to work as an administrative clerk for a security company.

Is it bad that after 1 week of working, I'm still looking for employment elsewhere? Its not the workload that is cause for leaving. I've been dreaming of being in an office because I'd like to be an HR manager one day. Its the pay, no insurance, part-time status, and sending me to potentially dangerous zones on company time for the owner's poor side businesses that I want to run away.

What do I tell interviewers when they ask why I want to leave so suddenly after just being hired?


I forgot to include that during the interview for this job, I was not informed at all about running personal errands for the owner's side businesses and was not told that the locations I'd be entering were dangerous. I was only told I'd be running errands for the security company. I am just in fear of my safety after two visits to the properties in just my first week of working. I almost threw up on sight today because the the foul smell, trash, and all the flies at the properties.

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  • 8 months ago

    "I'm still seeking full-time employment, but took a part-time temporary position to help with bills until I find a full-time job."

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  • Judy
    Lv 7
    8 months ago

    no, lots of people take a job they don't want to be able to pay their bills, and keep looking for something better.

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  • 8 months ago

    I would just explain the fact that you were told the job was something other than what you are actually tasked to do each day. They may not even ask. Don't talk about it if they don't even ask.

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  • 8 months ago

    People work while looking all the time. Just give 2 weeks notice! You tell prospective employers exactly what you said here when they ask why.. then have a good reason when they ask why you accepted a job like this.. (such as you didn't know about having to go to dangerous areas).

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