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The Tarot cards can show the past ,the present and the future.Its one of the ways the Devil can reveal information.But its considered a sin.?

Should I try it?Buy a Tarot deck ?

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    No! Tarot Cards Are Evil

  • 6 months ago

    If Tarot cards really worked how come the people who do it haven't won big on the lottery?

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      How do you know they Havent but keep it quiet? I would. I only say this to friends"who say they got their lucky #'s from a fortune teller--why isn't She rich?

  • Dimple
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    6 months ago

    Sorry to inform you, but the only thing the tarot deck can predict is probability. And Probability is not Definite. With that being said, no one can predict the future. If you are religious (even if you are a Hindu) then i hate to inform you, that yes trying to know the future is a sin.. because it limits your capability to work hard and think for yourself.

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