What do you find interesting in mosin nagant cartouches ?

Or just not interested at all? I have furnished a picture of one that i have looked for for a long time. Forgive a low resolution flip phone picture but good enough if you have knowledge of it.


I saw that anchor with superimposed star tattooed on what appeared to be a russian man in a video. It was on his thumb. The video was not related to the subject of cartouches, just happened to notice it because i am searching for a m44 stock that has one similar.

Update 2:

The tattoo was without wreath or banner.

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  • C T M
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    6 months ago
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    I have several unusual Mosin Nagants. One is a New England Westinghouse M91. I also have a Chatellerault and a Polish Oval 11. My Finnish Mosins range from SA, SY, SKY, S, SAT and VKT stamps. Each one has its own different and significant stampings. There's an online catalog that I know you're aware of due to your avatar, I'm sure you're also aware that the Star anchor wreath and ribbon stamping you show is not anywhere to be found on that catalog. To me this means one of 3 things. It simply falls into their "Unknown" category, Considering over 128 million Mosins(that's total production of all models worldwide) were made there's probably no true way of knowing every single stamping that was done.

    It could also be a Unit Stamp that members of a certain unit had made for them, or they had an engraver do it for them "unofficially" for each rifle in that unit.

    Lastly, "trench art" is a possibility, although it does look too refined for that, the common Russian soldier was conscripted from all walks of life, mostly peasant but affluent and educated were also drafted. It's possible a jewellers son made his way into the ranks of infantry and left his mark on his rifle.

    Regardless, it's interesting, it's very unusual, and it's another mystery in the history of the Mosin Nagant rifles.

    • BBean
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      Or BBean with a wood burning iron. Kidding. I would have put B E A N on the banner.

  • Robin
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    6 months ago

    not interested at al in mosin nagant as they are shite

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    that's not mosin nagant

    • Lv 7
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      Brando, just ignore it. The best person already answered it. He deserves best answer on everything

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