Will a black hole spider crawl on my bed while I'm asleep? Are they poisonous? Did it die?

I seen a black hole spider about an inch and half long by in and half wide and sprayed it with raid roach and and killer. Would it die from that? Not sure how good I got it but I got it a little for sure. I was hanging out alongside my heating vent that has a gap in it from the wall a d when I sprayed it it retreated back into the vent. 20 minutes later there was on about half it's size about 5 feet away from it. It smashed that one. Can't go back to sleep now thinking it might crawl on my bed and bite me. Please help. Thank you. My research said they come from Arizona. I live in southern California. Ty

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  • 6 months ago

    Females make web and that is where they spend their life, adult males will wander, awful rare in beds but possible, I randomly find them crawling on me, but they are welcome in my place and have several about.

    These crevice weavers are totally harmless, simply not known to bite unless you are a roach or moth.

    One of my favorite spiders, even docile enough to freely handle and make good pet spiders.

    Their worst is a messy web in the open. They don't like light much and hardly come out of their hole. Just to tend their web and take out the trash then wait for a bug to eat. They can live 8 years in captivity, just a unique spider and worth having around.

    Southern California a couple species, the southern house spider, Kukulcania hibernalis, The Arizona black hole spider, Kukulcania arizonica, a 3rd, less likely, Kukulcania utahana.

    You can buy them online from a couple invert pet stores.

    My first female I rescued being washed from her home in a storm, 'Ol Lady', she lived another 5 years behind my water cooler:


    4 of her offspring lived about the house. One behind the nightstand next to my bed

    A wayward male strolling by :


    Yea, sadly the one you sprayed wont live long, and the Raid, FAR more dangerous than any spider you have.

    A couple videos for you:


    Youtube thumbnail


    Youtube thumbnail

    Gotta trust me with this, I could write a book about these spiders, The last spider you need ever fear or loose sleep over. Bites, not from these spiders but they will eat the sort of bugs that will bite you.

    (I have more videos if interested, cool)

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