I feel I may have some kind of disorder with my feet? Very red, tingly, hot heels. Almost a burning effect.?

Frequently, but not all the time my heels or heel seems to go very red, very tingly, itchy almost and very warm. Only In kind of one area which is highlighted by how red it turns. It can also happen on the bottom of where my toes are and around these areas. It seems to be when there is a warmer temperature etc. And gives me a very warm tingly burning sensation that last a few minutes then eases off and goes away and the redneed subsides.

I have seen my Gp but he didn t give me any insight as to what it could be as it wasn t there to look at at that particular point. I do have pictures no of when it flares up to take back. But any ideas on what this condition could be? I have heard of something called erythromelalgia? Would this be possible. And something to mention to my GP as is rare. Or does anyone has similar issues. Tia.

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  • 6 months ago

    Erythromelalgia seems like a good guess. Diagnosing something like that can be nearly impossible. You can get tested for a genetic mutation that causes erythromelalgia, but the mutation does not need to be present to have the disorder.

    If its not erythromelalgia a doc would probably could use a process of elimination to systematically rule out disorders that have similar symptoms and some type of definitive test and then make an educated guess from the list of remaining possibilities.

    One simple possibility is that you are having an unusual reaction to fungal growth. All sorts of yeasts and other types of fungus can colonize the skin, particularly when its hot enough to make your feet sweat. Itching and burning are common athletes' foot symptoms. You could try sprinkling Desenex powder into your socks or use some other antifungal treatment, before putting them on, or wear sandals instead of shoes and see what happens.

  • Tavy
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    6 months ago

    My friend has the same problem at night. She has been referred to a Neurologist in the U.K.

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