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Are all women the same in their need to hear praises and compliments and provided with sex to feel valued and loved?

Everybody likes a compliment, but i think men dont essentially need it to feel appreciated and doesnt break their confidence not to hear it. Also men need sex but if his gf doesnt want sex with him he will think she has some issues with him before he thinks something is wrong with his shape.

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    I don't believe validation or sex make women feel valued anymore. As a female all the ads I see are how to look like Instagram models. I've never seen an ad dedicated to seducing a man other than perfumes. Ads are usually about getting clothes, hair, eyelashes, nails, a body, and products that other sexy women have.

    Compliments are genuine from men and we already know they want to sleep with us no matter what it's about how other women view us.

    The amount of times I get disgusted looks from females because I didn't do my nails or my brand of shampoo is not expensive or comments on how "Omg you're not using a lip scrub? Your make up isn't vegan and gluten free?!"

    It's tough. These aren't women that are my friends or anything. Solely just comments from acquaintances, colleagues or other girls at parties

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    That depends on a daily basis

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