What to do about this situation?

I went to my friends house last Wednesday (12/06/19) and we went to his room and started watching Sherlock and he starts cuddling me and holding my hand and stuff, talking whilst we watched it and he calls me pretty, and then at the start of the second episode he kisses me (not just a peck, he was moving his mouth slowly), but I did nothing cause I thought he was still with his gf but he then, when he pulls away, he told me they've broken up/are on a break (can't exactly remember which). He then asks me if I want to make out with him to which I say no, so he just continues cuddling me and holding my hand and watching Sherlock. Then later when I got home I messaged him asking why he kissed me and he says he's not really sure why and 'not my best idea I know' which makes me think it was a mistake/he regrets it. Every since then he's been ignoring my messages even though he's still messaging on the Pokemon go raid group gc we're in (we both play it as well as my parents and many others,) and when at a raid together he talks to everyone but me. Then i put on my whatsapp story 'love it when people ignore me for no good reason' and he messaged saying 'it's not that i just have some stuff going on', which seems odd as he still talks on the gc.

What should i do?

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  • Iam
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    6 months ago
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    Depends how you feel about him. He kissed you because he likes you and he wanted to make out with you and now he feels like he pushed the boundary too far and is worried that you are angry / upset at him. You could say something like "You surprised me when you kissed me and I don't want to make out but we could still be friends".

    If you want to be friends with him - and if he wants to be friends with a girl who he would like to make out with. If you see what I mean.

    • megan6 months agoReport

      I've had a crush on him but tried pushed the feelings away when he got with his gf, and the 'rumour' that I liked him went around and he asked on Wednesday if it was true but I said it wasn't cause I thought he'd say he didn't like me like that or something along those lines

  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    He is a user. Ignore him

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