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Do you know spell casters or website that cast free spells?

Do you know any spell casters or any websites that cast spells for free without any black magic I don't wanna attract evil energy? Where do I find a great spell caster that doesn't threaten to cast curses on people? Any person or site?


no satanic powers or anything evil

Update 2:

any types of spells that are not evil. The regular ones.

Update 3:

is there any where they get casted overnight

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  • 6 months ago

    People who are capable of actually casting do not make threats, nor do they cast spells for other people as you describe. Also there is no such thing as "Black Magic". There is only MAGIC, it is the intent of who ever is casting that creates the energy,

  • 6 months ago

    There is no such thing as a great spell caster. Only one magic spell actually works, and it has nothing to do with black magic or Satan. It also won't help you.

    You'll just have to deal with this problem without magic spells, because magic spells (except for that one spell that really works) are children's fantasy. Yes I'm sure, because I've had many spells cast on me by many different sorcerers and powerful witches. If they didn't work on me, they won't work for you.

    You want to know what that one spell is, don't you? Okay, I'll tell you, it's not like it's a secret or anything. The one magic spell that really works goes something like this...

    "When you grow up and have kids of your own, I hope they act just like you."

    … and it really does work. Ask anyone who has kids if you don't believe me.

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