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What type of muscles/Energy system is used when repetitively lifting boxes 10-50lb in weight?

I work at a warehouse.

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  • 6 months ago

    The largest number of muscles and groups of muscles are activated when you stand on feet straight, when you are on your legs/feet standing (as Queen's guards in London).

    When you carry weight, only few inches / cm in different position any hand or full body form or even side moved or more straight position of back or oven head turned on some side, active are always different groups of muscles.

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    6 months ago

    It's all geometry and physics; fulcrums and leavers. Like half the people at the gym, you aren't stressing the muscle enough to really build mass. The factor I'm talking about is sustaining anaerobic respiration. Getting that last rep in on the bench press where you fail and have to use the "oh s-it" hocks and then feel like you're going to barf is how to get big muscles. Doing 1 set of 3 reps like most people at a gym wandering aimlessly or at a warehouse you just maintain a general functioning. Better than fat people at desks slowly dying but far from Arnold.

    This reminds me of a moment in a PBS event where they sent modern people to really live like pioneers did. All metrics and aesthetics at the end were closer to that of Army records of the time, in most cases very very far from where they started. "Dudes doing stuff" is an aesthetic like "dad bod" or "yoga girl." The sad part is, most dudes, dads, and girls don't do much at all.

    Lumberjacks aren't that fit, office block bros are that fat.

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