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What do the ancient Bible scriptures discuss that evolution does not?

What can you learn about the human condition, feelings, personality, spirituality through evolution?

The Bible talks about the condition of the heart, that it’s treacherous and not to trust it. We get advice on how to take care of ourselves and be successful.

It tells us God created the heavens and earth straight out even before the concept of evolution.

It tells us how humans inherited sin & death.

Evolution =

Bible =

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    The Bible is telling us up front what evolution does not is that the single common ancestor of all life on earth is our Intelligent Designer named the God of Abraham and modern science can now prove this to be true through my discovery of mankind mistranslating the scriptures that make up the first five Books of The Bible due to our lack of scientific knowledge to properly interpret the advanced scientific knowledge and reasoning contained in the words being directly quoted spoken by the God of Abraham to a human named Moses. All preplanned to happen that way by our Intelligent Designer.

    Source(s): The God Yahweh our Intelligent Designer and the missing link in the chain of evolution.
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    Evolution says nothing about the origin of man, but we are to believe that we came from a "common ancestor" w/o a fact in evidence from the evolutionists? You want to make up stories from unfounded unsupported OPINION about "evolution" of what?

    Before we can talk about something unknown, or even how it exists or why, before we can talk about how something "evolved", you would first have to confirm with evidence the primary assumption of life from non-life and how that happened. Otherwise, you're just like Chicken Little, "The sky is falling" w/o evidence.

    Does evolution have a beginning? Nope. Why not? How do you propose we talk about something "evolving" when we don't even know what to call it, where it came from, how it evolved, by what method, mechanism, rule or law, or even how long it took?

    Are we talking about Abiogenesis? If life CANNOT occur naturally (proven empirically by Crick), then evolution has no beginning, and there is no cure for the myth/lie of evolution from unfounded OPINION. Evolution has no evidence that can sustain it.

    Evolutionists believe that life (at least once) spontaneously formed from nonliving chemicals. But this is inconsistent with the natural law of biogenesis. Real science confirms the Bible.

    If and when scientists actually do produce life from non-life in the lab the only thing they will have succeeded in doing is demonstrating life as a product of intelligent design... Which is exactly what the theists and the Bible have been saying all along!

    The atheists here haven't even begun to use science and burden of proof. You don't have a position. But if you were to use a “science-only” position, it ignores other well-respected systems for obtaining knowledge. For example, the legal/historical method of discovering truth is used every day.

    The legal method does not ignore testimony or facts because they are not reproducible or testable. By a process of elimination and corroboration, the legal method allows history and testimony to speak for itself until a verdict is reached beyond a reasonable doubt, and the balance of probability is achieved.

    Biblical evidence of Creation and Noah’s Flood from Genesis qualifies as “observed” evidence by eyewitness account, mostly by verifiable persons (verifiable by the empirical evidence of the genealogy given all the way back to the first man, Adam).

    Objectifying the inferences being made and validating everything with secondary lines of evidence as has been done for you in several ways means the burden has been met.. It's just that simple!

    So if the Bible wins hands down in every earthly thing we can test, why don’t people trust what it says? The issue is not the truth of Scripture, but vain reasoning and “willful ignorance” (Romans 1:21; 2 Peter 3:5).

    The Noachian Flood is recorded by over 500 civilizations around the world on all continents. You are in denial; delusional. Try looking. The existence of the flood traditions all over the world seems to be consistent with the Genesis account.

    Hill (an atheist) argues that “Flood legends from around the world exist simply because flooding has occurred in most parts of the Earth at one time or another.” (Hill, p 181)

    The following is the analysis of over 200 flood traditions all over the world:

    1. Is there a favored family? 88%

    2. Were they forewarned? 66%

    3. Is the flood due to wickedness of man? 66%

    4. Is catastrophe only a flood? 95%

    5. Was the flood global? 95%

    6. Is the survival due to a boat? 70%

    7. Were animals also saved? 67%

    8. Did animals play any part? 73%

    9. Did survivors land on a mountain? 57%

    10. Was the geography local? 82%

    11. Were birds sent out? 35%

    12. Was the rainbow mentioned? 7%

    13. Did survivors offer a sacrifice? 13%

    14. Were specifically eight persons saved? 9%22

    Thus, 95% of these traditions have common elements with Genesis and they say that the flood was global. Although it is impossible to study all of the flood traditions around the world here, it seems to be significant to mention some of them to verify the fact that they have common elements with the Genesis Flood account. According to the tradition of Yenisey-Ostyak in north central Siberia, flood waters rose for seven days. Some people and animals were saved by climbing on floating logs and rafters.

    A strong north wind blew for seven days and scattered the people, which is why there are now different peoples speaking different languages. [Uno Holmberg, “Finno-Ugric, Siberian,” in MacCulloch, C.J.A. (Ed.), The Mythology of All Races, v. IV, Marshall Jones Co., Boston, p. 367, 1927; in Isaak, website online].

    According to the Greek tradition, Deucalion, a godly man, boarded into a huge ark with his wife and children and all animals when the flood covered the whole earth and killed all the other people. [Sir James G. Frazer, Folk-Lore in the Old Testament, vol. 1, Macmillan & Co., London, pp. 153–154, 1919; in Isaak, website online.]

    John D. Morris, Why Does Nearly Every Culture Have a Tradition of Global Flood? Institute for Creation Research, BTG No.153b, September 2001.

    When two separate cultures have the same "myth" in their body of folklore, their ancestors must have either experienced the same event, or they both descended from a common ancestral source which itself experienced the event.

    Atheists prefer to believe that something in our commonly evolved psyche forces each culture to invent the same imaginary flood legend with no basis in real history. Instead of scholarship, this is "willful ignorance" of the fact that "the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished" (II Peter 3:5,6).

    "Where is the wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?" (I Corinthians 1:20)

    Many atheists and humanists oppose biblical Christianity, but science does not; fact is there is no empirically supported scientific claim that in any way is in conflict with Christianity. The same cannot be said for evolution, abiogenesis, or Big Bang.

    We must keep in mind the difference between scientific observations and opinions of scientists, especially in historical arenas. We are all aware of the ideas, opinions, and theories of some scientists which contradict portions of Scripture, but if we are careful to separate that which is established fact from that which is merely theory, we find that there are no contradictions between the facts of science and the Bible.

    The Bible is not a science book, but I'm not aware of ANY instance, where the Bible DOES touch on science, that it has been proven incorrect. How can anyone DENY the evidence of the Bible and the scoreboard, when science corrects itself (proven incorrect?) almost daily?

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    >> What do the ancient Bible scriptures discuss that evolution does not? <<

    A very long list of things. If you want to find out what all of those things are, read the Bible.

    >> What can you learn about the human condition, feelings, personality, spirituality through evolution? <<


    but not much


    evolution does not attempt to explain those things (except perhaps their existence, a sort of side-job of the theory of evolution).

    The theory of evolution attempts to explain this:

    the reason for the existence of many species on Earth. That is: how and why did so many different species develop.

    You could also ask

    - What does a textbook on physical chemistry discuss that evolution does not?

    And basically the answer would be "the whole textbook"


    evolution does not try to explain biochemistry and vice-versa.

    The Bible and the theory of evolution are only slightly related. There is very little crossover.

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    Evolution is a scientific theory about how and why species change. It is NOT a philosophy of life, a god, a religion, or anything like that.

    Why can't fundies get that through their heads?

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    You're talking apples and oranges. The two aren't related.

    Source(s): Greek Orthodox Christian
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    The original text of the Bible in Aramaic ,the language of Jesus has been lost forever.

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    OK,,,, 1) Evolution has nothing to do with the human condition,,

    and 2) "The Bible talks about the condition of the heart",,, so do the Greek philosophers, Roman poets, Persian scribes, Indian sages,,,, in fact pretty much every ancient body of literature predating the Bible discusses the human condition at great length.

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      Sorry Doc, evolution is indeed a fact.

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    Evolution struggles so much because it can never lives up to the Truth of humanity. You have to account for personality and feelings as well. The concept of good and bad developed from what?

    It’s not all about the molecular structure or have you.

    You have to include the whole picture.

    We see personality in humans and living things, their had to be a Creator with such traits. A Creator who loves color, shapes and variety.

    No way could this Universe and planet 🌎 come about on it’s own. It’s crazy to think that....

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      Imperfect Humans want to take credit for everything, instead of giving it to where credit is due.

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    The two have nothing to do:

    Evolution = The biological process so living things adapt to changing environments and eventually evolve into something different, no more, no less.

    Bible = The laws, history, beliefs, cosmogony, and "science" of ancient Israelites. The "science" part is all wrong. Nice try, but they should have trusted the more advanced science of Ancient Greeks.

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