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I've never had a tat before. Suddenly I really badly want some for the first time in my 33 years lol.. 3 to be exact. All very meaningful to me. I want the owl of Athena on one forearm and Fawkes ( Phoenix from Potter) on the other forearm. I also want a sea horse and sea weed around my clavicle or slightly lower, seahorse as like a pendant if that makes sense. Wich one should I start with pain wise....or What would be easiest for the artist with a "tat virgin" ... I don't mind pain... But still... Also ... Any other advise would be great. Thanks..

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  • LM440
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    6 months ago

    I have had most every part of the body tattooed. It is commonly agreed upon that fleshy areas such as the arms are less intense than areas over bone. Therefore the arm tattoos should be done first if you want to gauge the feeling. The chest and clavicle areas are more sensitive.

    The rest of the process is generally common sense. Don't get overly worked up thinking about a pain that hasn't happened. Show up rested and not on an empty stomach. Directly after a huge meal would not be advised either. Don't fall for any hyped up tattoo stories.

    Enter into the process knowing even people with the heaviest tattoo coverage had their first tattoo. If you want the tattoos, you can and will be able to get them. And my final thought is always, if tattoo pain was all that bad you would not see as many people with tattoos. Getting a tattoo is a fun experience and well worth it to get a lifetime tattoo that you want.

  • 6 months ago

    Forearms arent particularly painful to have tattooed, some do feel discomfort as most designs will wrap around onto less fleshier parts of the arm.

    I'd go with one of those as your first, clavicle wont be "Painful" but start with the easier of the 2 areas, forearm being that.

    Any other advice?

    Please do your homework regarding artist, you may find one specialises in certain areas. Make sure its a clean and reputable place. Ask to see their previous work.

    Setting up an appointment to speak to them first is always a benefit, most will charge for this, and take the price off your tattoo (saves time wasters, but not all take the money off, so check)

    make sure you are 100% happy with your design before going ahead, dont be afraid to make changes to the design before appointment day.

    Eat a smell to medium meal before you go, dont drink alcohol the night before, and follow aftercare instructions properly.

    Leave a decent healing period between tattoos, let your body heal properly before getting another, including any touch ups (it does happen and not a reflection on your artist, especially with areas of high detail, you cannot overwork an area so its best to leave it and go back to it after a couple of weeks healing)

    relax and enjoy the process

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