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Don’t know what to do? Confused.?

We have been together for 2 years. 2 months ago my fiancé went through my phone and found out that I am still talking to my ex. Reason for talking to my ex was regarding business property that we bought when we were together. My fiancé was always very insecure since we met that was the whole reason I never told her. Few days before i found out that my fiancé was pregnant. I invested everything I had in my startup and I was working for my father in our family business on the side. Since my parents never approved of her I stopped talking to my parents. I sold my house and invested that in business too. I was planning to buy a new house few months later so I decided to stay with my fiancé. Things were great until she found out. I left her house and started living close to her coz I wanted to be supportive and I love her. But whenever she would meet me she would argue about my ex. I tried my best to work with her but I can’t no more. I told her I am moving away coz my dad needs help. Now she thinks I am going back to my ex but I am not. She fought with me again and blocked me. I really care about my fiancé but it’s so heard make her understand that I was not in my ex. Now I just found out that I have been blocked. Don’t know what to do? Any advice?

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    Same question, same answer: Go help your dad.

    Another thought I had was that you could try and

    arrange a meeting between your ex and "fiancé"

    and have the ex explain everything to her (doubt

    she'd go for it, but you sound desperate).

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