Do organic molecules with an OH group generally hydrogen bond?

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  • 6 months ago
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    Yes, they do. The H is bonded to an O atom, so lends itself to hydrogen bonding. This is also the case if H is bonded to N or F atoms.

  • 6 months ago

    Hydrogen bonding .....

    Alcohols (R-COH) can hydrogen bond with one another as can acids (R-COOH).

    There can also be hydrogen bonding between one of these and a molecule which contains only N, O or F. (Although such molecules cannot hydrogen bond with each other.) For instance... hydrogen bonding between formaldehyde and methanol.


    Methanol is the hydrogen bond donor, and formaldehyde is the hydrogen bond acceptor.


    Hydrogen bonding .... The weakly covalent bonds found between the hydrogen atom of one molecule where it is bonded to N, O or F, and the N, O, or F of an adjacent molecule. The hydrogen atom functions as a bridge, forming a bond between two molecules. Hydrogen bonding is more than an electrostatic attraction between molecules, instead there is evidence of orbital overlap and covalent bond formation

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