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How is it possible that Poor Russia has a better equiped Army than the US? Is Obama to blame for the bad state of the US Armed Forces?

When Trump became president he encountered a weakened and drained of resources army.

During the 8 Obama years, nothing was done to upgrade the US Armed Forces.

No new nuclear technology was developed.

No Space Force existed.

Meanwhile Russia is poiting at the US from the space

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  • Edwena
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    5 months ago

    Obama hates the USA and did all he could to do as much damage as possible. One of those things would be to get rid of the supplies and people in the military. Two examples. Not protecting the US weapons (even tanks) in storage in Iraq, thus letting ISSI capture them and become an effective terrorist army in Syria. The second is interceding in the dismissal of mentally unstable recruit Manning from the US Army, and having him placed in intelligence and given access to military secrets. Thus, the mentally unstable Manning furnished the secrets to Julian Assange who published them and started the Wikileaks scandal. But, it was all set up by Obama.

  • Jas B
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    5 months ago

    Of course a space force existed.

    It is unclear whether Trump, who has demonstrated a lack of knowledge about a wide variety of government agencies and programs, knew before he began talking about a space force that the Air Force Space Command has been performing that same mission since it was created during the Reagan administration in 1982.

    Here they are below is there website where they tell us their mission statement

    "Provide resilient and affordable space capabilities for the Air Force, Joint Force and the Nation" that they have "26,000 space professionals worldwide"

    Then they list their existing organization

    "Fourteenth Air Force is located at Vandenberg AFB, Calif., and provides space capabilities for the joint fight through the operational missions of spacelift; position, navigation and timing; satellite communications; missile warning and space control.

    The Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles AFB, Calif., designs and acquires all Air Force and most Department of Defense space systems. It oversees launches, completes on-orbit checkouts and then turns systems over to user agencies.

    It supports the Program Executive Office for Space on the Global Positioning, Defense Satellite Communications and MILSTAR systems. SMC also supports the Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle, Defense Meteorological Satellite and Defense Support programs and the Space-Based Infrared System.

    AFSPC major installations include: Schriever, Peterson and Buckley Air Force Bases in Colorado; Los Angeles and Vandenberg Air Force Bases in California; and Patrick AFB in Florida. AFSPC manages many smaller installations and geographically separated units in North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii and across the globe."

    So are you now going to look at the US Military's Air Force Space Command website and admit that you were wrong about this, or continue to spread this lie?

  • mac
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    5 months ago

    you dorealisewe donttalk about what our military is realy up too right?..i mean russia and china both want to look scary...but the us dosent need to look scary....where do you think russia and china got their tech from?...spying on the us o fcourse..we have had traiters in our midst some caught some not.....

  • Alan
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    5 months ago

    America spends $649 billion dollars per year on the military which is 3.2% of GDP

    The country that comes next in military spending terms is China which spends $250 billion dollars or 1.9% GDP on defense

    Saudi Arabia is 3rd on the list, spending $67.6 billion dollars per year at a staggering 8.8% of GDP

    America spends more on defense per year than the next 7 countries combined. .

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  • PoBoy
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    5 months ago

    No, Republicans are to blame for low morale in the military and for its lack of preparedness. Look to lack of leadership and cuts to veterans healthcare for the reasons.

  • Drained of resources? If anyone is to blame for that, it's the defense contractors who get essentially no-bid contracts because they're tied in with the upper brass at the Department of Defense. We have consistently spent at least $600 BN per year specifically on defense. With 1.4 million active service members, that's $425,000 per person per year. Your average soldier will get, at most, $100,000 spent on them in a year (that includes pay, housing, subsidized tax breaks and discounts on goods bought at the PX, medical care, food, etc...), which means that $325K per year per soldier for at least 20 years has gone to maintaining equipment and to contract companies. This is a problem that predates Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc... So why don't we try and figure out a better way to spend that money that's already being spent instead of just trying to find a useless scapegoat.

  • 5 months ago

    Lol the claim the military was "weak" because of Obama is ridiculous bullsh**. He tried to lower military spending because two wars were ending and Republicans blocked it. Trump is now trying to raise military spending even way above that number!

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