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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 2 years ago

Is it hypocrite for me to be an atheist yet be fascinated by the myths of the Jude-Christian religion?

I see them as reading historical fantasy novels. The concept of the archangels and Lucifer's rebellion against his father-creator, God, fills me with so intrigue.


I am also compelled, to the point of crying, of the crucifixion of Jesus; who died for the sins of mankind, and told God to forgive his enemies. Very rarely I feel strong emotions for fictional characters in the novels I read. I tell myself that is not real, or at least exaggerated, though.

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  • 2 years ago
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    I hope it's not hypocritical because I'm also an atheist who finds the religious myths fascinating reading. And clearly there are lots of people who enjoy the fantasies of the scriptures as well. How do I know this?

    We see big box office movies about the myths and miracles of the religions about every year. And TV is filled with series about the more bizarre religious myths. They sell ads for the TV producers.

    Here's a partial list of religious movies:

    Year released Title

    1916 Civilization

    1923 The Ten Commandments

    1925 Ben-Hur

    1928 Noah's Ark

    1928 Joan of Arc (The Passion of Joan of Arc)

    1932 The Sign of the Cross

    1940 Santa Fe Trail

    1941 Sergeant York

    1943 Heaven Can Wait

    1943 The Song of Bernadette

    1944 Going My Way

    1945 The Bells of St. Mary's

    1947 Black Narcissus

    1949 Come to the Stable

    1948 Joan of Arc

    1950 The Next Voice You Hear...

    1951 The Diary of a Country Priest

    1951 Quo Vadis

    1953 I Confess

    1953 The Robe

    1953 Martin Luther

    1955 Ordet

    1956 The Burmese Harp

    1956 Friendly Persuasion

    1956 The Ten Commandments

    1957 The Seventh Seal

    1959 The Nun's Story

    1959 Ben-Hur

    1960 Elmer Gantry

    1960 Spartacus

    1960 The Story of Ruth

    1961 Barabbas

    1961 The Hoodlum Priest

    1961 King of Kings

    1963 The Cardinal

    1963 Jacob and Esau

    1963 Lilies of the Field

    1963 Winter Light

    1964 Becket

    1964 The Gospel According to St. Matthew

    1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told

    1966 Andrei Rublev

    1966 The Bible: In the Beginning...

    1966 A Man for All Seasons

    1971 The Night God Screamed

    1972 Marjoe

    1972 Siddhartha

    1973 The Exorcist

    1973 Jesus Christ Superstar

    1974 The Story of Jacob and Joseph

    1975 The Hiding Place

    1976 The Message

    1977 Jesus of Nazareth

    1979 Jesus

    1979 Joni

    1979 Monty Python's Life of Brian

    1986 The Mission

    1988 Lorenzo Ruiz... The Saint... A Filipino!

    1988 The Last Temptation of Christ

    1988 The Seventh Sign

    1989 Jesus of Montreal

    1990 China Cry

    1991 The Black Robe

    1992 Leap of Faith

    1994 Jacob

    1994 Priest

    1995 Dead Man Walking

    1996 Kristo

    1997 The Apostle

    1997 Solomon

    1998 Noah

    1998 The Prince of Egypt

    1999 End of Days

    1999 Joan of Arc (The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc)

    1999 The Omega Code

    1999 Joan of Arc

    2000 Islam: Empire of Faith

    2000 Left Behind: The Movie

    2001 Escape from Hell

    2001 Megiddo: The Omega Code 2

    2002 Left Behind 2018 Paul, Apostle of Christ2018 I Can Only ImagineII: Tribulation Force

    2002 The Magdalene Sisters

    2002 Time Changer

    2003 Bruce Almighty

    2003 Conspiracy of Silence

    2003 Flywheel

    2003 Luther

    2004 The Passion of the Christ

    2005 Constantine

    2005 Left Behind: World at War

    2005 Our Fathers

    2005 The Gospel

    2006 Deliver Us from Evil

    2006 Facing the Giants

    2006 Faith Like Potatoes

    2006 One Night with the King

    2006 The Second Chance

    2006 Unidentified

    2007 Evan Almighty

    2007 Gabriel

    2007 Ghost Rider

    2007 Noelle

    2007 Saint Mary

    2007 The Ten Commandments

    2008 Doubt

    2008 Fireproof

    2008 Sunday School Musical

    2009 The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

    2010 Like Dandelion Dust

    2010 Preacher's Kid

    2010 The Book of Eli

    2010 The Kingdom of Solomon

    2011 Courageous

    2011 Young Abraham

    2013 Avalokitesvara

    2013 Home Run

    2013 Horns

    2013 Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir

    2014 A Promise

    2014 Noah

    2015 Old Fashioned

    2016 Silence

    2016 Joseph & Mary

    2018 Divine Beauty

    2018 Come Sunday

    2018 Mary Magdalene

    2018 Paul Apostle of Christ


  • Paul
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    I am Christian, and am fascinated by the religious beliefs of ancient Egyptians. I recognize such beliefs as totally untrue of course, but they are still interesting to study.

  • 2 years ago

    No. A hypocrite is someone who claims to be a righteous person but does not follow the teachings.

  • 2 years ago

    No, that ain't hypocrite. You're confused, but confused ain't hypocritical. It's just confused. And you're not nearly as dumb as half the people who tried to answer your question.

    You read through the major stories of the bible, but you have questions about the details. Unless you're a mindless religious fanatic, which you're not, that makes you human. Those stories are incredibly vague when it comes to specific details, and I'm guessing (just guessing) they did it that way for a reason.

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  • 2 years ago

    Of course not. Everyone should take an interest in the old myths and stories that make up our human pre-history. The more you read, the more you see the parallels in different cultures around the world: the flood, the disappearance and reappearance of the sun, the sacrifices to make this happen - all these can be found in dozens of countries.

  • 2 years ago

    Being a hypocrite is play-acting, wearing a mask. You seem genuine. I know it seems like fantasy to you, but I pray you encounter Jesus for real, and experience that amazing grace that makes you cry even though you think he’s fictional. I promise you’ll be crying more, & laughing with joy at the same time! You might not be able to see it right now, but God really did send his Son to redeem you. You’re a priceless unique expression of His image, created to be His beloved son or daughter with destiny. Jesus really is alive, in the heavenly realm, but near to you, and has nail scars in his hands and feet. All that he went through was worth it to him that you’d have the chance of responding to his love, being freed from sin and guilt, and being joined as one with Him for eternity. God bless you, pour out His mercy and grace upon you, and draw you to Himself, in Jesus’ name. You are so loved by our Father.

    ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled’

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Not at all, and by all means study long if it helps .

    The deeper you dig the clearer the who when where why and how becomes .

    Eventually you will find and old saying true that " Winners write history "

    The dead sea scrolls were hidden in caves from Romans who wanted to destroy them

    and those winners wrote history while destroying any opposition .

    The very idea that the letters of Paul thru the Gospels survived 130 thru 325 is never addressed

    but the idea of where those letters and gospels came from is .

    The Romans would of had their way with the entire supposed Christian collection like a

    priest has his way with a little innocent child

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    No. Everyone should read and make up their own minds based on the actual information, not what other people tell them about the information. Some people judge before they have even read. They will not have educated reasons for their own judgments and beliefs. Having educated reasonings is important.

    I think that many people who consider themselves to be atheist are actually against false teachings that do not make any sense when really considered. Everyone should be against false teachings and know what is actually written so they can have reasoned conversations, as well as spot someone lying about what is written.

    If you haven't had a personal interaction with God, then being truthful about that, is more important than faking a relationship that you do not have. Honesty and considering information with honesty is very important in many areas of life.

  • 2 years ago

    Not hypocritical at all. I know more about religions than most of the followers of those religions but I'm still an atheist.

  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    I don't think it makes you to be a hypocrite. As long as you don't believe in these medieval stories.

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